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*I received It’s a Love Story from Revell in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

If I could write a letter to Lincee Ray, it would read something like this:

Dear Lincee- fellow lover of rom-coms, pop culture, and all things Disney,

I too quote Clueless, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and The Holiday on the regular. I have a Friends quote for every situation. In middle school I sported a “I Love Jake Ryan” t-shirt. I have made many a mix tape burned to CD’s (previously recorded straight from the radio on to a casette tape) that I still occasionally jam to on long drives. Maybe I have also imagined dating every main male hero in pretty much every book I have ever read. I even weirdly had a crush on cartoon Max from a Goofy movie- but that’s a whole other story… Can we be besties?!

Remember last year I praised Lincee’s first book, I Hate Green Beans?And dare I say this one is even better?! I read this book in its entirety in ONE DAY. I shirked my adult responsibilities and let my child dine on Pop Tarts while I laughed out loud so much that tears streamed down my cheeks. Cried real tears when reading about Lincee’s love for serving, her sweet Daddy, and when she talks about Mary, the Mother of Jesus. It’s a rare gem to find a book that will make you shed multiple types of tears…

It’s a Love Story…

This book feels like a conversation with your best friend. A note passed back in forth in homeroom. A windows down, sing at the top of your lungs road trip with your favorite person. Cold sweet tea on a hot summer day. I could go on and on… It’s so relateable and hilarious and touching and sweet. It will make you feel a slew of emotions, and you will close the last page with a smile on your face.

If you need a light read this Summer- this book is for you. You’ll devour it. And you’ll cry- so break out the tissues for both the happy and the sad tears. You’ll also want to go watch all of your favorite movies on repeat. I’m going to ship it off to my best friend so she can share in the experience.

Have you ever read a book that made you laugh and cry, and makes you have all of the nostalgic feelings? Flashing back to all of your childhood favorite memories? If not, go grab It’s a Love Story. You won’t be disappointed.

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