“Homemade” Cupcakes – Mrs. Bishop

I had a few minutes to bake today- one of my very favorite hobbies. I had some leftover cake mixes from Baby B’s bday party, so I scoured Pinterest for tips on how to make these boxed mixes taste homemade. There are tons of tips and tricks out there, so I took a few of my favorites. Here’s how I jazzed up a normal Devil’s Food Cake Mix:

-I added an extra egg
-I used melted butter rather than oil and used about 1.5x the amount of oil it called for
-I used whole milk instead of water
-I added about 1Tbsp of vanilla
-I sprinkled in a pinch of cinnamon

I mixed it up in my mixer, and it was the fluffiest cupcake batter ever, it tasted like choclate whipped cream!

I then filled my cupcake liners pretty darn full. The recipe yielded 22 cupcakes for me.

I had pre-heated the oven to 350- but knocked it down to 325 once I put the cupcakes in. This creates a nice top on the cupcake, I use the same tip for muffins.

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I love how the tops just slightly and perfectly billow over the top of the liner. And these cupcakes were unbelievably light. Most of the time mine turn out pretty dense.

Then to add an extra touch, I like to use a large tipped icing bag, and just used canned icing to decorate them. I like the fluffy icing best. But, one can only ices 9-10 cupcakes, so take that into consideration. I put the icing in the center of  a big sheet of plastic wrap, fold it up, and put in down into a pastry bag.

Swirl it around, and for an extra touch, add some leftover candy on top. Can’t hurt…not a bit.

100 3656

And in just a short amount of time, you have a fool-proof way to make your boxed mix taste homemade. Yum! And even though they taste homemade- they look store bought!


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