An Adventure Awaits – Mrs. Bishop

 I texted my Husband last week, and told him I needed to go on an adventure. Lacking the funds and time to go on any lengthy excursion, we decided to load up and go on an adventure close to home.

We live in Indiana, so there are not lots of adventurous places to visit, but we made our own little adventure.

We grabbed a days worth of toddler supplies and drove over to “Little Nashville,” an artsy little town with eclectic boutiques and shops, good places to eat, and lots of pretty things to see. I wasn’t sure how well our toddler would fare on our little adventure, but I decided to have a positive attitude, to not make too many plans, and just go with it. That’s how adventures are supposed to be, anyway.

We arrived, and they were blocking off the streets, and I was worried we had picked the wrong day to visit. We visited a few shops, then noticed people were setting up chairs and sitting around. A few minutes later we heard sirens… and were pleasantly surprised. There was a Shriner’s parade happening that day. Talk about toddler heaven! Mini cars, motorcycles, balloons, clowns, and even a pirate ship. My little guy sat right down on a bench and smiled from ear to ear while waving his balloon at every passing vehicle. I teared up watching the joy on his face, enjoying the moment. He needed this adventure just as much as his Mommy did.

We spent the rest of the morning perusing shops, then had a lovely lunch. We didn’t spend a penny other than on food, but our souls and our love tanks were filled. My hubby and I held hands and took turns looking around while the little guy got a kick out of all of the little shops. It was a PERFECT day. We took our time, and never rushed.

Savored the moment.

And what started out as an adventure just for me, ended up being the absolute best time for my little guy- he’s been talking about the parade all week.

If you ever need a little adventure in your life, you don’t have to have a lot of money, or a ton of time. There is always something, sometimes right out your back door. Use the internet, find a park, pack a picnic. You don’t have to spend a dime. Take the time as a family to enjoy each other’s company. Really listen to one another, have fun together. An adventure awaits, you just have to be open to it.

Here’s a few pics from our Saturday Adventure:

IMG 0404


IMG 0403


IMG 0359


IMG 0362


IMG 0375
IMG 0364

We’ve decided to try to make some time for more adventures this summer. What are some of your favorite little adventures?

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