My “Musts” For 2016

My Must-Do's For

I forewarned you.

You knew it was coming-

So, here goes…

My goals for this coming year:

-To Get Healthier. No, not to lose tons of pounds that I will regain once I start eating carbs and sugar again. No crash diets, fads, or easy way outs. To actually feed my body. To eat better, to stay motivated to work out on a regular basis. Committing to an actual lifestyle change. It’s not about the pounds this time- it’s about a healthier overall lifestyle, to be healthy for me, and my family. Join me? (Don’t forget, we’re still tagging our workouts and healthy meals on IG and Twitter with: #GettinFitWithMrsBishop).

-To Write More. I’ve gone leaps and bounds above this year than previous years. But, I want to claim it out loud so that I hold myself accountable. I want to write more for me, and collaborate with more of my blogger friends. To see my pieces shared an featured. To really inspire someone. To motivate a fellow Momma. To let someone who’s been there know they’re not alone.

-To continue my Sensitive Skin Care search for brands that help out sensies like me. I’m starting out by throwing away all of my old makeup and cheap-o skincare that causes my skin issues to flare. Buh Bye body spray that breaks me out, so long old mascara that makes me cry. I may have to spend more, but I’m making an investment in myself by taking better care of me- I even have some ideas on how to motivate myself to work out by promising myself beauty products. Ya do what ya gotta do, friends!

– To share Jesus with those around me. To share his love. I want unexpected opportunities to show his grace. To remind myself to judge less, and see through his eyes more. I also want to read through The Message, as I finished my trek through the Bible from beginning to end last year. I’ve never read The Message and I love the format- if you’d like to join along, I’m thinking of starting a discussion group on Facebook. Subscribe for updates!

1. Get Fit2. Write3. Toss the Junk4. Share Jesus

So- that’s it! My list of “Resolutions”, though I don’t want to call them that. It seems just by deeming them a resolution, it dooms them to failure. So, I shall call them my “Musts”. I must get healthy. I must write more. I must share my Jesus…

What are your Musts for 2016?



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