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Mogi Mousse/Bottles and Wood/Sweet Water Decor/Be Clothing Co./Midnight Owl Candle Co

*I received some of these products in exchange for an honest review- all opinions are my own*

Let’s talk about our Best Friend. The one we call when we need to talk. The one who always has our back. Who knows our family like their own. And, who knows when to show up unexpectedly with coffee in the midst of a chaotic day. Let’s not forget our BFF this Holiday Season– we like them better than our family, anyway!

1.) If your bestie is into amazing skincare, that smells ridiculously good, makes your skin as smooth as satin, and lasts forever- nab her up some of this Mogi Mousse Body Butter. If she has sensitive skin, that’s NO PROBLEMO, because it won’t break her out. Vegan? Got that covered. This stuff is made only of the good stuff. It’s organic, made of raw ingredients, cruelty free, and safe to use all over the body. Even the hair and scalp. They also have this rich and luxurious Face Cream that is my go-to nighttime moisturizer. They just started carrying Baby Products too- so if your bestie is Preggers,  she’s covered!


2.) Is your BFF a trendsetter? Always wearing the cutest accessories? Ahead of the fashion curve? Get her these super cute bangles from Bottles and Wood. They have a variety of colors and shapes, and they’re super durable even though they’re made from glass. If she’s socially conscious, this company uses recycled glass bottles that were headed for the garbage- so she’s going to look chic and you’re helping the environment. They’re inexpensive so you can get her a few, and a few for you. Take a look at their necklaces and earrings too. Go ahead and make it a set!


3.) Is your Best Friend a Girl Boss? A Mom-preneur? Or just rocking her job as a Momma? Get her this adorable #GirlBoss mug from Sweet Water Decor. And, hello, what busy lady doesn’t need another container for her coffee?! While you’re on her page, check out her other super cute stuff: Accessories, Prints, and lots more. Code BLOG20 will save you some $$$ at checkout, so now would be a good time to shop.


4.) As a Christian Momma, I love following companies that share the message. If your BFF loves Jesus too, but also shares my love of a cute graphic tee, grab her up one of these adorable Real Housewives of Proverbs 31 Tees from Be Clothing Co. They have really cute and comfortable Apparel, and some sweet Accessories. They are always making cute new designs, so make sure you get this one before it’s gone. And any good BFF knows a comfy tee is the way to a woman’s heart.


5.) For the BFF that’s just hard to buy for, you can never ever go wrong with an amazing smelling candle. Everybody wants their house to smell good, and as a busy Momma, I know it ain’t always easy to keep everything smelling fresh. If your BFF is into Handcrafted (and amazing smelling) gifts, get her one of these strongly scented, and adorable candles from Midnight Owl Candle Co. They have some fun scents like Hot Chocolate, Cozy Blankets, and, ahem, Monkey Farts. Like, I said- can’t go wrong.


And some runner-up, can’t go wrong ideas: Starbucks Gift Card, Comfy Cozy Socks, or if she’s got littles, offer to babysit- some of the best gifts don’t come from a store!

What are your favorite gifts to get your BFF?


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