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Since you really enjoyed what Hair Care Products I’ve been using– I thought I would share with you what hair styling products I have been using lately as well. Last month I chopped off probably 10 inches or so of hair. When you cut that much hair off, your styling methods tend to change quite a bit. So, your hair styling products change right along with it.

blow out styling mist

The best thing about having shorter hair, is that my drying and styling time goes waaaay down. It used to take me FOREVER to blow dry my hair. But, now in about 10 minutes, I can do a pretty decent blow-out without even having to grab my straightener. If all I’m going to do is blow dry my hair I reach for this Giovanni Ultra-Sheek Blow Out Styling Mist. I just spray a little on damp hair and go to town with my hair dryer.

hair volumizerIf I want to add a little volume to the crown of my hair, and make it look a little bouncier, I add a few sprays of this Pacifica Ginger Root 10-in-1 Volumizer. I love the way it smells, and love the amount of volume it gives me, without all the chemicals in traditional volumizers.

leave in conditionerLet’s face it- a lot of times I sneak in my showers before bed time. If that’s the case, I’m not going to take the time to blow-dry my hair before bed. But, I also don’t want to wake up with my hair looking crazy- which is a major short hair problem. I just give my hair a good towel-dry and then I rub a few pumps of this Giovanni Ultra-Sleek Leave-In Conditioning and Styling Elixir through my ends. It makes my hair so soft and keeps my frizz at bay. Then I can go ahead and leave my hair natural the next day, or style it as usual.

dry shampooFinally, y’all know mom life means that we don’t get to wash our hair every day. And if you do- please tell me your secret! On those in between days when I’m looking a little too ‘shiny’ aka greasy, I go in with this Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo {the unscented one}. Don’t go too crazy or you will definitely get a little bit of a white cast. Especially if you have really dark hair like me. But, this is hands down my current favorite dry shampoo. I did see that they just came out with a tinted version, so I’m definitely doing to give that a try!

But, that’s it- super easy! Just a few great styling products to help style your short hair. Let me know your current favorites! {I need to find a new heat protectant spray for when I flat-iron my hair, so send me your recommendations!}

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