Bee Yummy Skin Care- Mrs. Bishop

*I received these products in exchange for an honest review- all opinions are my own*

Today I want to share with you another great skin care line that I had the opportunity to sample. Live Live and Organic Skin Care line, Bee Yummy.

Their most popular product, is Bee Yummy Skin Food. The healing effects of this rejuvenating and moisturizing cream can be used to treat the symptoms of all sorts of skin conditions, like sunburn, blemishes, stretch marks, chapping…and in my case psoriasis and eczema.



This product is all natural, with no preservatives, synthetics, or chemicals. It’s so natural, it’s even edible! It feels amazing on my skin when used as a moisturizer, and the honey is totally healing on my dry and super sensitive skin. It helps tame the redness and hydrates the dry spots. It smells really good too.



Their Eye and Lip Cream is a great quick and easy way to get ready for the day. Just apply under your eyes and on your lips for moisturized and smooth skin. It’s anti-inflammatory and protects your skin with a thin film. It only contains 3 ingredients and can even be used to soften your skin on your nails. Because it’s so natural, it’s even safe for babies.



Live Live’s Organic Honey Mask  is great if you’re skin is feeling dull and tired. Just put it on for 20-30 minutes, and your skin will be smooth and rejuvenated in no time. I like to put it on before I soak in the tub and then rinse it off. It makes my skin fell so soft and really relieves any redness or dryness. I like to follow it up with the Skin Food.

I love that these products are so natural, and can be used over and over. They have caused me no discomfort because they contain so little ingredients, but the ingredients they do contain are only the best and organic.

Head over to Live Live and Organic’s website and check out their huge range of products, including Body Care, Raw Food, Lifestyle Products and more. They specialize in all kinds of products from all over the world, so there’s something for everyone.


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