What Mom Wants: A Gift Guide

{Disclaimer- I received some of these products in exchange for an honest review they are marked with an *. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.}

Hubby’s and kids think us Moms are hard to buy for- but the truth is, we’re REALLY NOT! Other than a moment to ourselves, an endless hot cup of coffee, or maybe an on call maid, I’ve come up with a few great gift ideas for moms, for those who are still having a hard time buying for us.

First of all- things we’ll actually use! I love jewelry and nice clothes as much as the next gal, but really I need stuff that I’ll reach for every day. I love necklaces, but diamonds aren’t going to cut it for chasing a rambunctious kiddo and running errands. That’s what I love these choices. Rachelleisms makes sweet and meaningful jewelry for Mommas- I have a necklace just like this one, and I wear it often. And the meaning behind it is special to me. Her shop has lots of pretty and practical options for a lady in your life. Hendersweet also makes special jewelry for special ladies. Think book necklaces, or ones featuring your child’s handwriting! There are so many options that you won’t have a hard time finding what you’re looking for.

Let’s talk clothing- I have lots of family buy me fancy clothes or dresses. But, this Momma spends most of her days in leggings and tee shirts. That’s why both of these options are perfect! *She is Blank Space has a lot of great options- my favorite being this Boss Babin’ with Grace tee, because us Mommas are boss babin’ it every day. Know a fellow Boss Babe? Grab one for yourself and her as well. They also have cute bags and mugs as well, among other things. *The Talking Shirt, who I’ve mentioned before in my Tees for Ladies who Love Jesus post, has a HUGE variety of shirts to choose from, you’ll be able to find one for everyone on your list- not just your Mom. My current fave is this super comfy, perfect for daily wear, Fearfully and Wonderfully made raglan.

I love to read- I always have a book handy and several that I’m reading at a time. But, I know most of us have a hard time finding the time to read- so when we actually get the chance, we want it to be a good one. I LOVED the book One Mom Can Change the World this year- it will empower any Momma and make her feel like she is rockin’ this Mom thing. You may also spy my name in the acknowledgments…but I digress. If you’re on the look for a great cook book, check out Rachel Hollis’s new release, Upscale Down Home, which features dressed up homey recipes. Perfect for recipe ideas on days when this Momma’s brain can’t make any more decisions. Know a foodie- get her this!

And last but definitely not least- how about some products that a Momma can pamper herself with? (I would also suggest giving her some alone time to do said pampering, but that’s up to you). This *Mogi Mousse Sugar Scrub is the perfect natural, luxury body care item that she can use every day for healthier, younger looking, pampered skin. It is a little pricey- but remember this is a special item to make her feel appreciated! *B True Beauty’s new Organic Skincare line is perfect for the Momma who needs some moisture and skin loving ingredients in her life. This Graceful Beauty Moisturizer is something she’ll use every day, and it will make her skin feel so luxuriously treated, even when her day is hectic and she’s running ragged. And, every Momma’s eyes are puffy, lack of sleep is part of the job description- help a lady out and grab her some of these 100 Percent Pure Eye Masks. Her tired, sleep deprived eyes will thank you! Bonus- all of these items are sensitive skin approved!

In the end, us Momma’s really just want a little thank you for the never-ending job that we do- but if you do want to get us something special, make it something we’ll actually get some use out of! Save the jewelry, lingerie (looking at you Hubbys!), heels, chocolates, and superflous gifts for our Birthdays and Valentine’s Day! Amiright Mommas?

Have you tried any of these products- which ones would you like to get for Christmas?

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