Today You Are 4 – Mrs. Bishop

Sweet little boy, this morning you woke up and the first words you said were, “I be 4!”

How has this day arrived already?

Wasn’t it just yesterday we were rushing to the hospital, where you made your debut via emergency c-section? You couldn’t wait to meet us, I guess. And just like your personality, you wanted to meet us NOW!

You are the smartest little boy I have ever met. You have an amazing imagination. You can spend hours playing with your cars, dinosaurs, stuffed animals, or trains. I love hearing your little voice narrating your play. Your squeals and laughs delight me. You giggle without abandon.

You love to read. Your grasp of language astounds me. Hearing you sounding out words and reading books is one of my motherhood delights. I couldn’t be more proud of your love for learning.

You’re stubborn like your Mommy and a perfectionist like your Daddy. You have both our best and worst traits and habits.But, I wouldn’t change you- because you wouldn’t be you.

We’ve had our shares of challenges and tiffs. We’re all hard-headed and want to be right. Sometimes we forget you’re only a child, when you put your foot down.

You make us laugh harder than anyone. Each day your little personality emerges, and I see a peek of what you’ll be like as a young man.

You’re beautiful, and strong, and an inspiration. We prayed so long and hard for you- sometimes it feels like you’re a dream.

You’ve exhausted us, and tried us. We struggled through the terrible two’s and emerged victorious over your threenager status. Bring it on 4- we got this!

Happy Birthday Little Man. I can’t wait to see how you change this year. But, please don’t grow so fast. Slow down a little.

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