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I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned before, but my favorite non-chocolate dessert is Rice Crispy Treats. I love them. Plain, chocolate, with or without added ingredients. They are just plain-ole nostalgic ooey gooey goodness.

I was meandering the aisles of the store the other day, trying to find something fun for my toddler and I to cook. And then happened down the Easter aisle with my son. Right there in front of me were the Peeps.


They have a bad rap. But, I love them. And love them or hate them, if you like Rice Crispy Treats, you might be more willing to give them another chance in this recipe straight outta my crazy mom brain.

Peep Crispy Treats. Or Marshmallow Crispy Peeps. Whatever you call them, they’re delicious.


I thought I might be a little crazy trying to melt down a Peep, but they’re only $1 so if I ruin them, hey I still have a nice box of cereal left over, right?

peep ingredients

And I went ahead and bought the generic cereal, because I’m cheap, and again- I had no idea how this recipe would turn out. I also bought some Sixlets, because they looked like Easter eggs and taste like chocolate. You can never go wrong adding a little chocolate to anything. My toddler agrees.

I started out just like I was making plain, boring (but still delicious) Rice Crispy Treats, by melting about 6 tbsp of butter.

melted butter

While the butter is melting, go ahead and measure out your rice cereal. Around 6 cups. It’s much easier to measure now, than in a panic after your marshmallows are already sticky.

crispy rice cereal


Once the butter is melted, add in your Peeps. I used two bags. I probably should have used 3. Next time!


melted peeps


My toddler was slightly disturbed at the plight of these poor Peeps. Keep on melting.


Sorry little guys.

melting peeps


As they’re melting, stir constantly so the sugar doesn’t sit too long. And use your spatula to get out the lumps. Stir, stir, stir, stir.

marshmallow goo


As long as you just keep stirring, it will melt down quite nicely. Once it’s melted, add it to your bowl of rice cereal.

mixed marshmallow and cereal

This party is sticky and messy. Bonus if you don’t mind letting your kiddo help. Stir it all together until the marshmallow is evenly distributed. Then press it into a 9×12 pan. Make sure you spray your pan with cooking spray. I used coconut oil spray. You can also use butter. Anything so this gooey concoction doesn’t stick.

mixture pressed into pan


I would’ve liked for them to be a little darker in color, but I think the addition of one more bag of Peeps would remedy that. Now, press your candy down into your treats. My son really liked this part.

treats with sprinkles


You end up getting a pretty adorable and fun dessert, that looks like Easter eggs spread over grass. Which is exactly what I was going for.

close up of treats


And they’re pretty darn delicious, if I do say so myself.

finished peep crispy treats


Since they’re pretty much sugar on sugar, my little guy also approves. I think I’ve welcomed a new Peep lover into the world.

candy break

Whip yourself up a batch of this fun and festive treat. The little’s will love it at Easter, and so will the adults. There’s nothing like Marshmallow Treats to remind you of childhood.

peep with treat

What do you think? Peep Marshmallow Treats, Peep Crispy’s, Crispy Peep Treats, yes or no?

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Peep Crispy Treats


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