Hope – Mrs. Bishop

First came shock, then sadness, then fear.

I sat down with my husband on the couch, and the updates flashed across the screen. Another terrorist attack. So many lives extinguished in a single moment. Masses hurting.

My heart aches at the state of the world. Growing up, I never thought I would have to explain terrorism to my children someday. The hate and blatant disregard for lives. Men, women, children.

When I saw the video of what happened in Brussels yesterday, my heart broke. It’s not the first time this year, but each time it hits closer to home. You could hear people screaming, see them running for their lives. I saw an overturned stroller, and the tears started flowing.

Why is this happening? That is the first question we ask ourselves. And then God. I find myself begging him to stop the hurt. To end this mess. But, he’s not the one causing it. It’s a worsening evil, one that continues to escalate and makes me fear for the entire world.

Heavy hearted yesterday, as I continued my daily chores, I kept humming a song. I couldn’t even figure out what it was at first. I was folding laundry, and the words escaped my lips…”fall on your knees, hear the angels voices.” And, I thought, “Lord, a Christmas song?” And then I remembered the beginning of the second line.


And there it was. A thrill of hope. There is but one hope in this weary world. And she is so very weary.

This one hope lies in Jesus. The one who came and gave it all to save us all.

I truly believe our only hope lies in him.

With broken hearts and tired voices from around the world, let us remember that he is our one and only hope. The only one who can get us through this mess. The only one who can bring us together. The only one who can save us.

With Easter coming up this weekend, I found this fitting. Singing a Christmas song celebrating his birth, as we are about to share in remembrance of his death.

But that tomb didn’t stay sealed for long. It’s still empty.

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