Spring Bucket List – Mrs. Bishop

I thought since we are a couple of weeks in to Spring that I’d share a list of fun things we’d like to do as a family. This isn’t to stress you out, or to make you feel like you HAVE to do all of these things with your kiddo(s) this Spring, but I am a list-maker and feel accomplished if I have something to sort of check off.

So here’s the things I’d like to do with my son this Spring:

1.) Dig my flower garden, and get him in on the picking of the flowers and the planting.

2.) Check out some Spring/Gardening/Bird/Animal books from the library and teach him about what happens in the Spring.

3.) Take a trip to Nashville, IN. It’s a fun little, artsy town that we like to visit. I like to do it in the Spring, because it gets hot walking around there in the Summer.

4.) Make some use out of our Zoo membership, and spend a lot of time with the outdoor animals.

5.) Fly kites. My husband and I have so much fun doing it, and my toddler loves to watch and help.

6.) Get my toddler to help out with the Spring cleaning. Now that he’s 4, he is much more capable- and I’m super excited about having him to help out.

7.) Make some Spring inspired crafts.

8.) Make some bird feeders/baths and identify birds. My little guy can already recognize cardinals, starlings, blue jays, and finches. It’s so fun to learn by doing.

9.) Build a rock bed in our back yard so that my toddler can take his dump trucks and bulldozers outside and go to town.

10.) Make some fun Spring recipes- maybe grow some veggies to use in our recipes!


These are just a few fun things I would like us to do as a family. Simple and easy, but lots of fun.


What types of things are on your Spring Bucket List?

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