Life Update – Mrs. Bishop

Sometimes I forget the reason I even started this blog was to share our every day life, struggles, etc. I get caught up in the motherhood posts, and skincare, and forget to even write about our lives in general. That stops now- this began as an outlet for me to share our story, and it shall be again. Not every day- but on occasion, I want to update everyone on what’s happening in our lives.


Right now we’re in the 4’s stage. I’m not even sure there’s a name for it. Our little guy is super smart and mostly well behaved, then his attitude kicks in. And, he decides he needs to argue with me about every single thing I tell him. I’m not a fan of that at all. But, I also actually REMEMBER being the same way as a child (sorry Mom!).

Hubby just got an awesome promotion, one which we thought we would have to move away for him to get. And, we don’t! We get to stay where we love, in our small town, at the church we adore, and still close to family. God has truly blessed us this season, and I am so very thankful. He loves the job, it has better hours and a little more money…all is good!

I’m throwing around the idea of homeschooling in the future, a decision I’m not taking lightly. But, with a child with different needs, in a world where kids are asked to sit still for longer and longer periods, I am tiptoeing into the idea. If any of you have any resources to point me towards; books to read, websites to check out, or anything- please let me know. I am brand new at this, and this is something I used to say I would NEVER do…but sometimes having kids and God change your mind.


In other news, my little man is going through an irritating poop strike. And is on day 3 of holding it in. Screaming that his stomach hurts. I don’t know if it’s constipation or sheer will holding it in…but we could use prayers. And advice. We gave him chewable pedialax, and water, water, water. Hubby is picking up juice on the way home and I’ve been pushing fruit towards him all day. Crazy kid!

So that’s what’s happening in the Bishop house this week. What’s new in your lives? Anything I can pray about for you? Struggles you’re going through? Goals you’re working towards?


I’ll try to do a “life update” more often. It’s nice to just share my current events!


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