Bloggers Getting Fit: Making Fitness Fun

This week my #fabFITbloggers group is sharing the ways that we make fitness fun.

My favorite way to encourage myself to get a workout in, is rewarding myself with “me time.” I tell myself if I run for 20 minutes, I can sneak in a nap later, or an hour with a good book, a soak in the tub, etc. Self care begets self care. In the end I’ve worked out AND given myself a pedicure.

I also like to jam to fun music when working out. One of my favorites is the 80’s cardio Pandora station. BONUS: 80’s songs are super long, so in order to hear more songs, you work out longer.

A fun tip: if you want to work out in the morning, but wake up without the urge to do so…go to bed in your workout clothes! Prep your coffee the night before. Wake up, go straight to working out, and your coffee is already done for you by the time you’re finished. GAME CHANGER! If you wake up and are already dressed to get movin’, half the work is done.


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