If you’ve got sensitive skin like me, and are looking for a great skincare line that is natural and kind to the environment, look no further than Shamanuti. They are a small, natural line dedicated to sharing the effectiveness of plant ingredients- how simple ingredients really can work and still be practical for daily use.


Their Activated Charcoal Cleanser  contains real activated charcoal to absorb impurities in your skin and gently exfoliates. It was such a creamy consistency and foamed up to a gentle cleanser- not at all what I expected. It works well at removing makeup and makes your skin feel totally clean. Because it cleanses so well, don’t forget to moisturize afterward, because it could be slightly drying. But, other than that it really is a wonderful experience. And it smells awesome, like nothing I’ve ever tried before. So refreshing and uplifting- making it the perfect morning cleanser as well!

seaweed-toner-4oz-spray_largeThe Seaweed Toner is the perfect accompaniment to the cleanser. It is so very gentle, but still removes any leftover impurities. It helps balance the skin’s pH and left my face feeling so soft and smooth. I feel like my pores looked smaller as well. The smell, again, is so light and not overwhelming like so many other toners. A must try if you’re sensitive to more acidic ones.

Screen_Shot_2016-02-18_at_10.01.49_AMThe Head to Toe Spray Lotion comes in a convenient spray bottle and can be sprayed directly on the skin and absorbs quickly for on the go application. It’s light in scent and consistency, making it perfect for travel or tossing in your bag. It’s a gentle formula and didn’t irritate my skin. At first, I wasn’t sold on it, because it kept separating in the bottle. But, I realized you can shake it up and get it back to normal fairly easily. It may also just be because I have a sample size. So keep your eye on the bottle and give it a few shakes every now and again.

I’ve got my eye on their Pumpkin Enzyme Mask to try next. Pumpkin, besides being the greatest flavor ever, is also amazing for the skin. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I also may be lusting after their Conditioning Mascara, because great, natural mascaras (that are also affordable) are hard to come by.

I definitely would recommend Shamanuti for anyone who is looking for natural, plant based skincare that works and won’t drain your bank account. Being a smaller line allows them to make their products so well, and you can tell they’re crafted with love.


*I received these products in exchange for an honest review- all opinions are my own*

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