A Less Toxic Manicure for Sensitive Skin- Mrs. Bishop

*Disclaimer- I received a Lady Soma Skin and Nail Treatment for an honest review- all opinions are my own*

I hardly ever get manicures anymore. Besides the expense, my uber sensitive skin can’t handle the cocktail of chemicals hiding in the soaps, lotions, and polishes. By the time my nails are painted, my skin is red and irritated and my hands are peeling. My nails might look amazing, but in the end it’s just not worth the pain (and itching!). So, now when I want my hands to look good- I do them myself at home. Here’s some tips for a less toxic mani that you can do yourself:


1.) The Soak– You can soak your nails and hands in any gentle soap and water. Dr. Bronner’s is great because it’s concentrated, so you only need a tiny bit and it’s organic and super gentle- and cheap! I always have a sample size bottle to clean my brushes on hand, so it’s my first choice because I don’t have to make a special purchase. (This baby version is extra gentle and bonus- unscented!)


2.) Push It– Get yourself one of these cuticle pushers. They are inexpensive, and if you sanitize them each time, they’ll last forever. This is the kind we used waaaaay back in Cosmetology School, and I bought one for everyone. They work so well, you just barely have to gently push your cuticles back- creating the perfect canvas for your nail color.

file3.) File Away– Shape those babies- no need to be an expert. I prefer to just round mine out and get rid on any jagged areas. If you need some shape inspiration check out the Nail Shape Guides on Pinterest. You don’t have to be a pro to have beautifully shaped nails!

skin-nail-cap-off4.) Moisturize– You need a great skin and nail treatment that will soften your cuticles and soothe those dried out digits. This Lady Soma Skin and Nail Treatment is perfect for that!  It is formulated for skin AND nails, and promotes a soft cuticle, while repairing hand and nail damage. It keeps your cuticles healthy and your nails shiny- so whether you choose to polish or not to polish, your nails will be on fleek– is that still a thing? It’s also 100% natural and chemical and paraben free- my super sensitive skin approves!

5.) Polish– I’m so excited that there are more and more sensitive skin friendly polishes coming on the market. Even at your local drug store you can find 5-free varieties. They even go up to 9- free now, being free of the 9 most toxic chemicals in traditional nail products. I also occasionally buy nail wraps, which contain no chemicals, and are coming available through more and more brands. Just because our skin is sensitive doesn’t mean we can’t have beautiful nails! Check out 100 Percent Pure for 10 Free Formulas, Heather’s Hues  for artisan nail laquers, or Treat Collection’s 5 free formulas, to name a few. There’s hundreds of options!

Make sure you keep those hands and nails moisturized with your Lady Soma treatment, and no one will know you pulled off a chic mani all on your own! Cheap and chic- a Momma’s 2 best friends!


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