Sometimes it’s Hard Being Married to Your Best Friend – Mrs. Bishop

My Husband is my best friend.

He was one of my best friends before we started dating. And he still is. We share everything. Talk about everything. Share the same interests.

While I am SO thankful for the relationship we have and all of the fun times we share, there are a few reasons why it’s hard to be married to your best friend.

1.) It’s hard to spend time alone. We’re parents. So we have a mini version of ourselves who follows us around everywhere. We’re also a homeschooling family, so he is ALWAYS with us. That makes spending time with just the 2 of us a rarity. It does however, make our alone time and date nights that more precious. Because we’re with the person we love the most, as well as our closest friend.


2.) People think it’s weird. They look at us strangely because we tell each other EVERYTHING. We can spend hours talking and still share the same silly inside jokes we did as teenagers. I’ve read articles saying you shouldn’t be married to your best friend- but I think that’s crazy! I love it, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. No 2 marriages are the same, and what works best for us might not work for you. But, this works for us.


3.)  We have silly arguments. You know those little tiffs you get into with your friends? Those annoying habits that tick you off? Well, when you’re married to your best friend- you can’t complain to them about THEM. So sometimes we get into silly fights. But, it’s okay. We make up. Just like friends do.

So, yes, sometimes it’s difficult dealing with the fact that I live with my best friend in the whole world. That sometimes we annoy each other and can’t get away from one another. But, it’s also the greatest thing ever because I am doing life- the big things, the mundane things, the hard things, with my closest, most trusted confidante.

Do you think it’s a good thing to be married to your best friend? Why or why not?

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