How I Got My Husband into a Skincare Routine – Mrs. Bishop

*Disclosure- I received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

Say the words ‘Skincare Routine’ to any man and they pretty much just check out. At least my Husband does anyway. He’s a ‘wash your face in the shower’ kinda guy. He occasionally throws a scrub in there, again in the shower.

I really wanted to get him into the habit of doing a nighttime skincare routine. When I saw these products from Crux Supply Co. I knew I wanted him to give them a try. Because they’re natural and more manly, I knew he wouldn’t mind testing them out.


The Charcoal Face Scrub wasn’t his favorite- and here’s why. He’s never used a loose scrub like this before. The first time he opened, he spilled over half of it on the table. And he tried to use in in the shower like he normally would his scrub from a squeeze tube. He also used WAAAY too much. I feel like a lot of men new to a skincare routine do this- they think, ‘the more, the better.” But, that’s definitely not the case with this product. He couldn’t get it all rinsed off because of the charcoal.  Once I showed him how little to use and how to mix it with water in his hand before applying, he got the hang of it though. I may have stolen it and put in on the side of the tub for me. Because it works amazing as a combination mask and scrub. I rub it on my face, focusing on my t-zone and let it hang out on my face while I soak. Then I scrub it off. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. The smell is also nice, a more masculine, natural scent.

crux-scrubI also came to the realization that my Husband has never in his life used a toner before. What the heck, am I right? But he’s actually a big fan of this Tea Tree Toner. It’s a nice, mild formula that I think is great for someone new to a skincare routine. It gives your skin a nice, clean, tingly feeling. He also loves the masculine scent. I don’t mind it so much either, if you know what I mean. We’ve been doing our skincare routines together at night, and it’s nice to spend an extra few minutes together, taking care of our skin and our selves.


He’s also very new to using a facial oil- which is something I recommend to every one. Facial oils are like magic for your skin. They really are! He added this Facial Oil to his nightime routine a few weeks ago, and his skin looks amazing. So soft and supple, and this dry, cold air hasn’t been making his skin patchy and flaky like it usually does. We’ve both noticed a difference in his skin.


My favorite part about these products is that they’re handcrafted and all natural. We’ve all got crazy sensitive skin in this house, and none of these products have irritated his skin at all. They’re gentle enough to be used every day, and really suitable for a man or a woman, especially if you’re into more masculine scents.

I love that I’ve gotten him into the habit of taking care of his skin- and that we can do it together.

Does your man need new skincare in his life? Give Crux Supply Co. a try! (I find that skincare also makes great gifts. Father’s Day will be here before you know it!)

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