Winter Beauty and Skincare Favorites- 2018 – Mrs. Bishop

winter skincare favorites*Some of these products I received as PR. Others I purchased with my own money. As always all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.*

Did Winter show up for anyone else this week? We had our first snow and below freezing temps, and my skin totally noticed. I thought now would be the perfect time to share with you my Winter Beauty and Skincare favorites.

1.) This OSEA Essential Hydrating Oil has been in my beauty arsenal for a long time. I add it in to my moisturizer, and it keeps my skin super hydrated. Even when the icy winter winds are tearing up my face. It’s super light and gentle, but packs a punch for even the driest of skin. It’s also made from the BEST ingredients, which my sensitive skin appreciates!

2.) Anti Aging Hand Cream is something I never knew I needed. Until I used it. Now that I’m in my 30’s, sun damage and age spots have started rearing their ugly heads on my hands. And this cream helps combat that. It also hydrates my skin without making my hands greasy, and keeps them moisturized for hours. I love to carry this with me or leave it on my nightstand so I can apply it before I go to bed. Then I wake up with lovely skin!

3.) I like to use an oil cleanser in the colder months, because my skin is extra dry. This Cleansing Oil from Avalon Organics does an amazing job of melting off my makeup without stripping my skin. The scent is super light and it’s gentle on my skin even on it’s really stressed out days.

4.) Y’all know that Pixi’s MatteLast Liquid Lips are some of my favorite liquid lipsticks. They stay put forever, and are beautifully pigmented. Their newest shades to the collection are absolutely perfect for the Winter Holidays. The reds are gorgeous! You definitely need to grab 1, or 3 for your Holiday get togethers.

5.) I’m all about shimmery shadows this time of year. But, my greasy, hooded eyes tend to push them right off. This Physicians Formula Shimmer Eye Primer is my secret weapon for long-lasting glittery eye looks. I don’t put on shimmery shadows without it- ever!

6.) Red Apple Lipstick’s Tango Blush has been my go-to Winter blush for the last 2 years. It is the PERFECT cold weather shade. Giving me that ‘just came in from the cold air’ flush without overpowering the rest of my makeup. It’s also the gentlest blush I’ve ever used on my skin. I can wear it even when my skin is flaring up without any problems.

7.) Once the cold weather hits, Vaniply Ointment is my BFF. Recommended to me years ago from my dermatologist, I am never without this stuff. It calms down my eczema and psoriasis flares immediately. It’s heavy, but that’s what I want when my skin is flaky and peeling. I order a BIG tub of it from Amazon at the beginning of every Winter. If you have sensitive, reactive skin I definitely recommend giving this stuff a try. My whole family uses it now!

8.) Remember how I said I LOVE a glittery eye for Holiday parties? These Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights are my current obsession. They have great pigmentation, are super shimmery, and DON’T get glitter all over the rest of my face! They also don’t make my eyes itch and burn like SO many other glittery shadows do. Win-win! Perfect for Christmas and NYE.

9.) This time of year my skin starts to look a little ghost-like. Because I cleanse and exfoliate a lot, there’s no tan left whatsoever come December. So, if I want to have a little color, but not look like I’m fake-baking, this COOLA Organic Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum is my magic wand. It gives me a subtle tan, is gentle on my skin, and doesn’t stink like most sunless tanners. It’s pricey- but lasts FOOOOREEEVVVVER!

So, there you have it- my holy grail Winter Beauty and Skincare products. What products do you love for this time of year?

Also- if you want to shop some of these products on Amazon, check out my Storefront and click on the Beauty tab. You’re welcome!

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