Spring is Here, So I Haven’t Been – Mrs. Bishop

My current setup is me on my laptop, on my outdoor dining table on my back deck. Birds are singing. The breeze is blowing. I can see chipmunks, squirrels, cardinals, woodpeckers, rabbits, robins, and a various assortment of finches from where I sit. I can feel the sun warming my skin for the first time in many a long winter’s months. See why I’ve been a little absent lately?

backyard-springThe older I get, the more I appreciate the appearance of Spring. The buds on the trees. The longer, warmer, breezy days. The chirping of the birds- even when they’re waking me up each morning.

backyard-spring-5I long to soak up each moment that I can outdoors. To dig my hands in the dirt, and teach my son to appreciate nature and all of the beautiful things God put on this earth for us to enjoy. Watching him help me plant these sunflowers was such a delight. I can’t even describe his joy- seeing something he grew from a tiny seed, planted in the earth outside for everyone to enjoy!

backyard-spring-4We spent our entire weekend outdoors, cleaning up the yard, clearing weeds from flower beds- itching to be filled with bright, splashy blooms, and stringing lights. So that we may spend as much time outside as possible over the coming months.

backyard-spring-3There is new life springing up all around us and it’s breathing new life into me. So, if I’m posting a little less, it’s because of this. I’ve been literally breathless and in awe of the beauty around me.

I encourage you to spend some time outdoors, away from social media, technology, and life’s many distractions. To drink in all of the beauty around you that the Earth has to offer. There’s so much ugliness in the world, but there’s also so much to be amazed by.


As for now, my hammock and a good book are calling…





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