Sunglasses You Need for Spring & Summer: Velvet Eyewear- Mrs. Bishop

*Disclosure- I received these sunglasses in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I only ever share products that I love with you.*

Sunglasses. What can you say about them? I’ve probably owned a thousand pairs in my lifetime- maybe more. But, I’ve lost, broken, and thrown out just as many. Because I’ve only ever bought the cheapest sunglasses. I didn’t realize there was a real difference in quality or style…but that was before I tried these lenses from Velvet Eyewear.

velvet eyewear5

These Audrey frames are gorgeous. Over-sized and totally glamorous. I feel fancy every time I put them on.

velvet eyewear2 2

The color, style, and durability of the frame is all luxurious. And I’m sure, just like I first did, you might gasp at the price tag. But, when I put them on I totally understood why they are at a higher price point.

velvet eyewear4First of all, the lenses. They’re ultra clear and not all dinged and scratched up like every other dollar pair of sunglasses I’ve owned. I’ve always had trouble driving in sunglasses because of that- but I don’t have that problem at ALL with this pair. I am usually a bargain shopper, but am also willing to splurge on a great item that I’m going to get a lot of use out of, and these are it!


taylor sunglasses

If you want a more budget friendly option, check out Velvet Eyewear’s Trends line. They’re at a much lower price point- and the quality is still there. This pair of Taylor Black Cateye sunglasses makes me feel like a blend of Audrey Hepburn and Taylor Swift. A little edgier and more wearable for the every day.

taylor sunglasses 2I’ve been reaching for them pretty much every day and I’ve gotten dozens of compliments on both pairs of sunglasses, and ladies always appreciate when their friends notice their accessories!
taylor sunglasses 4
I’ve also noticed I take a *little* better care of the items that I splurge on. And these sunnies are totally worth it. They even send you a cute little (pink!) bag to store your frames in.


Which do you love more? Are you an Audrey or a Taylor? I think I’m a little of both!


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