First Grade Homeschool Room Tour – Mrs. Bishop

People always ask what our Homeschool room setup looks like. I had never even thought about sharing it before. But, I’m always curious to know how everyone else has their rooms set up, so I thought I’d show you a peek into our homeschool room.

We were blessed when we moved last year into this home, because this house had a whole extra family room upstairs. It transitioned from my office, to playroom, and then finally morphed into the room where on most days, we conduct our homeschool lessons. Sometimes we do them outside, sometimes we do them at the kitchen table, and sometimes even other places. But, this is our ‘Homeschool Room.’

When you come up the stairs on the right, we have a television. We use this for watching documentaries, videos, and listening to music. (My son also plays old school Nintendo games here in his free time- it’s all about balance.) We also have an easel with a chalkboard and dry erase board on it. Someday I’m going to replace that with a wall-mounted board, but it does the trick for now. My mother-in-law also got us this cute school desk, but my little guy is actually a little small for it. So, he uses it sometimes. But, most of the time we sit at the table together.

Homeschool Room Tour

homeschool room tourOn the back wall, we have a cork board where we keep track of the days of the week, different learning supplements (right now it’s all about short and long vowels), his ‘no whining’ chart, etc. That door leads to a walk-in closet where I store everything we need for changing out our boards, extra supplies, etc. It’s perfect because I don’t have to have it all out here in this room distracting us.

bookshelfUnderneath that we keep all of our Level 1 Bookshark books on this colorful bookshelf so I have them all handy to go with our curriculum. I also keep our Math books, Timeline, Handwriting, and other supplemental materials piled here. Someday I’ll be getting more bookshelves, but this setup works well now. I mean, it’s only First Grade so I don’t want to get too crazy. We also keep pillows over there in case we want to read or do some work on the floor. My back appreciates this immensely.

work tableOpposite the stairs we have an awesome window that overlooks our back yard. I love having our worktable set up here so we can see what’s going on in nature, and the natural light is great. Last year, we used a child sized table. But we definitely outgrew that. I found this one at a local antique market for a great price and it’s perfect! We sit here and I teach and he can do all of his work here comfortably. Now that I have the bigger table, I also go ahead and keep little tins of markers, crayons, and pencils at the ready. This is also an amazing art space as well.

Comfort is important.

reading/lounging spaceTo the left fits this huge, comfy sectional that we use for reading, rests, and just hanging out on. There’s something about a well-loved sofa that just makes for a great lounging area!

homeschool roomIt’s not super fancy, but it’s the perfect space for where we’re at in our homeschool journey at the moment. I love the way it’s coming together. I just need more shelves- because I’m coming to the conclusion that, as a homeschool family, we can never have enough shelves.

What does your learning space look like? What else do you want to know about our homeschool journey? I love sharing this side of our lives with you!

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