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gift guide

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Christmas shopping is hard! Sometimes I have NO idea what to get the people in my life. But, as I was looking over my 6 year old’s Christmas list, I had a genius idea! I would share some of his list with you in a gift guide- and some ideas inspired by things that he’s currently loving. Then, maybe if you have a 6 year old in your life to shop for- it won’t be so hard!

lego train

This Lego City Train was number 1 on his list to Santa. If you have a little Lego lover and a train lover bundled into one, like I do. Can you really go wrong with this?

hot wheels

Six year olds and their Hot Wheels tracks, am I right? He’s obssessed! And when he saw this one at the store it immediately went on his list! These track builder sets are also great because there are a BUNCH to choose from and they can all link together to form an endless array of tracks.

science labMy kiddo is really into anything Science related right now- so I thought this Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab looked like a fun option! Especially since it was a Toy of the Year Award finalist.

hex bugHex Bugs are new on our list of things our son likes to play with. But they’re really neat, and small. Which I really like in a toy- the less room it takes up the better! They can play with them on their own, or there are all sorts of tracks and arenas they can do things in. Ask your kids- they’ll know more about them than I do!

botleyI feel like coding is something all kids are really getting into. And since it adds that STEM element, but is also fun to play with it really makes this Botley a really great gift! I added this one because it doesn’t need a phone or tablet either- it’s all done with this one set. Great for your beginner!

Pete the CatI chose this Pete the Cat set because our little reader absolutely adores these books. Every time he sees one he wants to buy it. I thought this set would make a cute gift, because it also comes with a stuffed animal and a game- so you can get a bunch of fun in one gift!


I hope this Gift Guide inspired by my 6 year old helps you with your Holiday shopping! What are your kids loving this season?

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