Tuesday Top 10 #2 – Mrs. Bishop

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Last week my real life bestie This Messy Season and I decided to start a new series together-Tuesday Top 10. In which we are going to share 10 things that we are loving each week. These can be any 10 things- shows we’re watching, books we’re reading, snacks, beauty products, what have you. It was a lot of fun putting together a list of all the random things we’ve been loving and I hope you keep tuning in to see what we come up with next! And please leave a comment with your list of things that you’ve been loving- I am a sucker for recommendations. Here’s the things I’ve been loving this week:

1.) SNOW! I love snow. And we were literally snowed in over the weekend. There were travel advisories and they were ticketing people who were out driving. It was nice to have an excuse to stay home and sit by the fire and read, cuddle up and watch movies, and catch up on my baking.

2.) Squirrels- I’m obsessed. This snowy weather has had me just throwing food out on my back deck so we can watch all the creatures up close. Bonus- it has made a fun homeschool lesson. I’ve got 5 little squirrel friends that are out there every day now- apparently I’m building up a squirrel army, so you betta watch out!

squirrel3.) The Pixi Rose Infused Skintreats that they sent over this past week have been a skin savior! My skin has been freaking out with the change in the weather, and I was getting really annoyed with some random breakouts and skin texture. But, since I’ve been using these products this past week, my skin has made a complete turnaround! The Rose products are gentle on my sensitive skin, not too heavily scented, and so pretty and pink! Definitely going to be my favorites for quite awhile.

rose skintreats

4.) My Mom got me this gorgeous Marvel Rose Gold Bracelet from her best friend that sells Premier Designs Jewelry. Every Christmas she gets me a piece of their jewelry and it’s always one of my favorite gifts. I’ve been wearing this on repeat. I love the way it clasps and it’s got the perfect amount of sparkle to go with any outfit. You have to check out all of the pretties she has available right now!


5.) I got a really cute new desk from Hobby Lobby when we got that shelf I mentioned last week. I can’t find it on their website though… I haven’t found the perfect spot for it just yet, so it’s hanging out in our family room. It’s also waiting on the perfect desk chair. Any suggestions on where to get a cute (and cheap?!) desk chair?


6.) Since I’m an avid reading, hoarder of books, there will probably always be a book on this list. Sorry not sorry. This week I finished an old favorite Wild Orchids by Jude Deveraux (one of my favorite authors) and started Love and Ruin by Paula McClain. I really loved The Paris Wife by her about Hemingway’s first wife, and this book is about his romance with Martha Gellhorn. I just started it, but I’m liking it so far. What are you reading?

7.) I’m going to try and remember to share a tv show or movie that I’ve been loving each week. Since I’ve been binge-watching Gilmore Girls in the background while I’m working I haven’t actually watched a ton of tv. But, I do have to say, I’ve been recording Girl Meets Farm and I am in love with Molly Yeh. Her food looks so good and she’s just so genuine and sweet. I also love her tiny, adorable kitchen. Please be my new bff?

8.) Guacamole- I’ve always loved it. But, I’ve been craving it like crazy lately (sidenote- NOT preggers, I just crave things pretty much all of the time!). I’ve made it several times this week and I bought a big bunch of avocados to make it more. I’ve just been using those little pre made packets of seasonings with avocados to make it easy on myself- and it’s still YUM. What millennial doesn’t love guac, amiright?


9.) I’ve been searching high and low for a new paint color for our family room and I think (after much deliberation) we settled on Mega Greige from Sherwin Williams. I’m going to pick up some samples soon to be sure. But, man- why is picking out paint colors SO hard?

10.) Last but not least- I found that my Holy Grail Dry Shampoo brand {Not Your Mother’s} finally came out with a DARK version for us brunette haired ladies. I love their regular formula but I once had to spend an hour editing a white cast out of my photos. Lesson learned.

So that’s my favorites for this past week! What have you been loving lately?

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