Tuesday Top 10 #7

{My bestie This Messy Season and I started a series together with Andrea AKA Mommy  -Tuesday Top 10. In which we share 10 of our favorites from each week. These can be any 10 things that we’ve been loving, and I hope you keep tuning in to see what we come up with next! Some of these products may have been sent to me and these posts may contain affiliate links- thanks so much for helping support my blog and family! }

This was a weird week in general. My Husband’s work shift changed, we’ve been visiting with a sick family member, attended several birthday parties. We’ve been busy busy bees. And I’m tired! But, I couldn’t pass up the chance to share my weekly favorites with you! This has been one of my favorite series, getting to share ALL the things I love. So, without rambling anymore- let’s get on with it.

1.) My beautiful new couch! I’ve posted sneak peeks on my social media and I am obsessed with this sofa! I really expected the quality to not be great, because it was so inexpensive- but this Mustard Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon is the perfect addition to my midcentury-modern makeover that I’m giving our family room/my office area. Stay tuned for the full room reveal soon- we’ve just got a few more details to add. {Check out last week’s Top 10 where I shared where I got that awesome movie poster!}

2.) Speaking of movie posters- I’ve been obsessed with all of these really cool Minimalist Movie Posters you can get on Etsy. There are hundreds! They’re such a fun way to add a little pizzazz to a room, and share some of your favorite movies with your company. I’m definitely going to order this one once my shelves are built. Can you guess what movie it’s from?

3.) Succulents. I know, I know. Everyone jumped on that bandwagon a long time ago. But, I just hopped on and somebody better stop me. I love how they add a little bit of nature to your room. And bonus- they’re hard to kill! I’ve got an assortment of real and plastic ones now, and I really just want more…

4.) I started the book The Wondering Years: How Pop Culture Helped me to Answer Life’s Biggest Questions by Knox McCoy a couple of weeks ago and I just really got into it. He writes with a lot of humor peppered with truth, and an endless amount of pop culture references- which I can always get behind. I’ll have a full review on it soon!

5.) I won this Evening Fireside Glow Candle at our church’s Ladies Night Out. It’s a little out of my scent comfort zone, being a more earthy scent. But, I’ve been burning it every night this week and I love it! It’s a little more masculine and musky- but it makes the whole house smell a little spicy, and I love it. I’ve got in on my fireplace mantle, and while the fire is burning it mixes with it to make it smell so homey in here. I’ll probably have to grab another one.

6.) I’ve been trying to add a physical place to my lists lately too. This will be especially helpful to my local readers. 2 weeks ago I shared the salon I’ve been frequenting. This week I’m going to share our new favorite place to grab some grub. 450 North Brewing Company is located in Simmons Winery- and it legit 5 minutes down the road from my house. They have AMAZING pizza (the Greek one was delish!) and one of the tastiest pulled pork sandwiches I’ve ever had. I’m also a little in love with their Gnarly Grove Hard Cider in Legendberry. Just, yum!

7.) A friend of ours got our son this Groupon to the Minifigures Megastore for his birthday- and it was one of his absolute favorite gifts! I think it would be such an awesome gift to give any little boy (or girl) whose parties you’ll be attending in the near future. For $10 the recipient gets to spend $50 on Lego figures at the store. My son LOVED getting to choose a bunch of new figures to add to his collection. {BRB buying like 10 of them to pass on…}

8.) Starbucks Medicine Ball. I’ve been drinking one of these at least 2x a week for months. I love hot tea, and the blend that they use is so delicious with the steamed lemonade. I prefer when they use the 2 teas instead of the Citrus Defender, but they’re both good! I need to just start making my own instead of spending all my money on them!

9.) I’ve been using this Pacifica Transcendent Concentrated Concealer for the last few weeks because I’ve been looking for a more natural concealer- and the verdict is I love it! It will crease on you. Set is ASAP. But, once you get the hang of applying it- it’s a great option for a green beauty concealer. Probably the best one I’ve found so far, coverage wise.

10.) The Greatest Showman. Thanks to my very favorite Sister in Law for introducing me to this movie (and Zac Efron in all of his grown up glory!). I hadn’t taken the time to watch it, but I’ve sat through it with her twice this week and I’ve been singing the songs ever since. I’m sure she’ll be glad to hear she’s made a fan out of me!

That’s it for week #7. I’m a little proud of us all for sticking with it this long! What have you been loving this week?

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