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*Barbour Books sent me these books to share with my readers. All opinions are my own.*

Spring is here! And that means Easter is just around the corner. So, I thought it would be the absolute perfect time to share these amazing christian books for boys that Barbour Publishing sent over to me.

If you remember, I’ve shared Barbour Publishing with you before. They sent me some amazing inspiring and encouraging books last year and I’m still reading through them. {I’ve loved them all by the way!} So, when I was on the lookout for some great christian books for boys, for my son- I knew that I had to check them out. And they totally delivered! 


devotional books for boys

They have an incredible selection of Devotionals for Kids that are great for children of all ages. Both boys and girls. How great would these be as an Easter gift, baptism, or just a surprise for a child growing in their faith?

superheroes devotional

I knew my Superhero obsessed little guy NEEDED this Superheroes Devotional for Kids. {He has a Captain America themed bedroom…} My son is 7 and he really enjoys these types of books, even though they say for kids 8-12. It uses stories featuring the superheroes that your kids already know to inspire and encourage your kids. I LOVE that!

daily devotional
It All Matters to Jesus Devotional

They have all sorts of Devotionals to choose from. Like this Daily Wisdom for Boys book which you can use as a daily devotional. It has 365 devotions, so you can do 1 a day for a whole year. Whether you do it with them, or they read it on their own.

The It All Matters to Jesus Devotional includes 40 devotionals. It teaches your kids that it ALL matters. Everything matters to Jesus. Their hearts, their habits, their thoughts…and they’re all understandable and relate-able for kids in this age range. I also love that the books are smaller- made for a child’s hands.

3 Minute Devotions

The 3-Minute Devotions for Boys are great if you’re short on time but still want to fit some time with God into your day. They’re short and sweet, perfect for my active 7 year old. He can even do these on his own already. I love that they all have a little prayer at the end that your child can say, and it helps to instill what they learned. A great addition to your morning basket if you’re homeschoolers like us!

Kingdom Files

kingdom files books

Speaking of Homeschool- these Kingdom Files books are great reference books to read about the lives of some of the important people from the Bible. We have Daniel, David, and Jonah- but there are even more available on their website- including the story of Jesus. They’re fun to read and also biblically factual- including maps. My little learner is excited to dive into these stories and to learn about some of his favorite Bible characters.


Imagine books

If Fiction is more up your kid’s alley- these Imagine books are a great option! They’re a fun, engaging adventure series about kids who go back into time and get to experience major biblical events like the 10 plagues or the great flood. We’re major fiction readers over here, so we’re excited to add these books into our bedtime story rotation.

the comic book bible

If you read my Tips for Raising Readers post- you’ll remember that I mentioned letting your kids read comics if they weren’t into books just yet. That’s another reason we love this Comic Book Bible. Comic book and graphic novel lovers now have a way to get into the word at a young age. I don’t ever remember actually enjoying reading my Bible at that age!


prayer map for boys

My very favorite book that they sent me is this Prayer Map for Boys. It’s a fun way to get your kids into journaling or writing out their prayers, worries, and good things that have happened to them each and every day. It’s like a gratitude journal and prayer list all in one! My son has enjoyed getting to write in it- and though we may forget to do it EVERY day, it’s also going to be fun to go back and see what he’s written as he gets older.

inside prayer map
Here’s an example of what he’s written.

I let him do his prayer journal on his own, so that it’s all for him. I just have to sneak a peek every now and again to see what he’s writing about. I love his heart, and watching him learn to love Jesus has been a privilege.

So, whether you’re looking for a great Easter gift idea for your kids or friends, or are just wanting to help grow your children’s faith- Barbour has an excellent selection. I noticed a lot of them are also currently on sale! {And don’t forget to grab a book for you while you’re at it!}

Which of these books would your kiddos most like to read?

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