Our Favorite Workbooks for Extra Learning

*I received these workbooks from Teacher Created Materials in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

I know workbooks are totally a personal preference when you’re homeschooling. Some people prefer to not even mess with them. But, my son LOVES them. He prefers hands-on learning activities- and the more he reads and writes about a subject, the better he learns. So, adding in workbooks to our homeschool day has become a fun extra step that we can do to boost his learning. We use them each and every day- whether as a homework assignment or part of our normal daily routine.

Last year we loved our 180 Days… books so much that I reached out to Teacher Created Materials to see if they’d like to partner again! They sent us more of these amazing workbooks to add into our curriculum and we really enjoyed them. Steven really loves the 180 Days of Math book. He enjoys math so much right now, so getting in extra practice every day was fun for him. And it really helped develop his skills even more.

180 days of math workbook
inside of the 180 days math book

We also used the 180 Days of Reading and 180 Days of Writing books alongside our Language Arts and Handwriting curriculum, and they paired nicely. They helped instill the importance of reading comprehension and improved his writing skills. He’s even decided to write his very own chapter book this Summer!

180 days of reading workbook
inside 180 days of reading workbook

I love that there’s a worksheet for every day (180) of our homeschool year, and they’re all quick and informative lessons that we can add into our curriculum that we already love without too much fuss. There’s also an answer key in the back of each book, which makes it so easy for me as the teacher!

180 days of writing
inside the 180 days of writing workbook

You can even purchase a whole set of these books that includes: reading, writing, language, math, problem solving and more! Whether you’re a teacher, homeschool parent, or even a public school parent that wants to help your kids get extra practice at home- these books are a great resource. They’re available for every grade up to 6th grade too!

180 days of geography workbook
We also loved the Geography workbook to help learn to read maps.
inside the 180 days of geography workbook

I also love that there’s all sorts of book options for Summer practice. I’m thinking about snatching up this fun Summer Bundle for between 1st-2nd grade.

Final thoughts: these were an amazing resource to add to our homeschool routine. And we’ll definitely continue using them- especially the Math!

Have you ever used the 180 days books? Or ordered from Teacher Created Materials? Check them out if you want some fun and inexpensive teaching resources.

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