My Never-Ending TBR Pile and How I Get Book Recommendations

I *just* recently met my reading goal for the year. And as I was deciding what book to pick up next, I took a peek at my TBR pile and gasped. I added more books to my to-read list this year than I actually read. Bibliophile problems…


A lot of people ask me how I get book recommendations. I never really thought much about it before, because I pick up books and ideas all of the time without knowing it. But as an avid reader, I love getting people’s opinions of books and am always up to chat books and hear what you think I should add to my list. So, I compiled a few of my favorite ways that I get book recommendations for my TBR list, and thought I’d share them with you in case you’re on the hunt for your next good read.


I use Goodreads to track my reading goal each year, what I’m reading now, and what I want to read in the future. That way I know how many books I’m reading at a time (usually 5-7 which sometimes gets me into trouble). And I can bring up my to-read list anytime I’m at the library or bookstore and want to get my hands on a new-to-me book. It’s a great tool to use to rate books you’ve read, and to see how other people rated a book before picking it up. Though, sometimes you have to take people’s reviews with a grain of salt, and go ahead and judge for yourself whether a book is for you. Because I’ve loved low-rated books, and hated high-rated ones. Once you use it for awhile, you’ll get the hang of it though. And it will become a great tool to use if you’re a voracious reader too. {Bonus- you can enter giveaways for books on there. I’ve actually won 1-2 of them!}

Creepy Books for Fall 1
{My most recent book round-up!}


It’s super simple to go on Pinterest and type in the search bar “best reads of 2019” or “must read books” and just see the lists that people have compiled. I have my own Book Recommendations Pinterest board that I reference very often for book ideas. Then I add books from my boards to my Goodreads list. Who knew a book-lover would depend on so many apps to help keep my reading life in order?! I do this a couple of times a year and then I have a great big TBR pile for the cold, Winter months when I want nothing more than to curl up with a good book.


The newest way I’ve been racking up more and more books in my TBR list, is by listening to the What Should I Read Next podcast. Anne Bogel does an amazing job recommending books each week to readers by listening to books they love, one they hate, and what they’re reading now. Honestly, my favorite thing to do is listen to the podcast and see if I come up with any of the same recommendations for the guest as she does. I actually have once or twice! It’s a great way to gain insight onto why we love certain books, and how to spot trends in our reading life to find more books that we’ll love. I had post-it notes everywhere with book titles from listening to her show. Then, I wised up and just started plugging them right into my Goodreads list. Thus, making my TBR list even longer…

{Check out some other podcasts I’ve been loving lately…}

dollar tree book

Discount Stores

I don’t even want to lie and say I never buy books on the cheap at places like the Dollar Tree or Half Price Books. But, sometimes you’ll find gems hidden for under a dollar. A DOLLAR! Sometimes it makes me sad to think someone poured their heart into writing a novel, for me to find it on a discount shelf for a dollar. Sometimes I get the urge to buy them all and save them! But, seriously- I have found some really good books this way. One I’m reading right now and LOVING, I got at the Dollar Tree. And I also have found several SIGNED copies of books there. They now have their very own special spot on my bookshelf with my other signed books and ARCs.

signed books


I legit am always asking my friends, “what are you reading?” Genuinely, I WANT to know. I pepper most of my conversations with tidbits of information that I’ve picked up from my current reads. It’s a serious book lover problem. But, readers are my favorite people. So, if you get to know me I WILL ask you for a book recommendation. And I most definitely will be handing books over to you that I think you should read. I will also try 100% not to be offended if you didn’t love it as much as I do.

Also, I am a member of a lot of blogger book review groups- that way I can get my hands on lots of books to review for you! Hopefully you’re occasionally checking my book reviews for suggestions….

I hope this little round up will help you be on your way to finding your next read. Or at least help you to fatten up your TBR pile. Now please, please, please leave me a comment with a book you’re loving. Because, obviously I need more books to add to mine.

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