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I used to be a ‘say your prayers at bedtime’ kinda gal. Then I had a kid, and once my head hit the pillow I was out. So I went to bed night after night forgetting to pray-or falling asleep halfway through. But, I began to find pockets of my day when I actually had a few minutes to myself. In these little segments of time, instead of letting my mind wander, I began to use them for prayer. The idea for this post actually came to me in one of these moments. And, I thought that maybe someone else might be like me- struggling to find time to pray. So, I thought I’d share my secrets with you.

Pray in the Shower

I started doing this over the past few years. Don’t try this when your kids are small and distracting you every 3 seconds. You barely have time to wash yourself and get back out during that season. However, now that I have the option of taking longer, more luxurious showers, I’ve began using a chunk of this time for my daily prayers. Especially my prayers of thankfulness. I remember to thank God for my family, the ability to homeschool, the friends He has brought me and so on.

While I scrub my hair and exfoliate my face I also get a little chance to worship. I sing out my favorite praise songs and have myself a little concert. Everyone in the Bishop household holds concerts in the shower. Steven prefers to make up his own words. And more often than not, my Husband will be massacring the lyrics to songs from the Little Mermaid. I mean, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard a manly dude belt out A Whole New World…My current favorites are Fear is a Liar and So Will I. But, not gonna lie- occasionally I sing Adele too.

While You Wash Dishes

Something I’ve learned over time, is that people will usually leave you alone when you’re washing the dishes. Because, otherwise they may get roped into helping. A lot of times while I’m scrubbing stuck on food and staring out the window, I’m also praying. These times I use for praying for those that I love that could use a little help. Sick family members, overwhelmed friends. People who have asked for unspoken requests. Sometimes I don’t realize how long my prayer request list is until I start digging into it. This is a much more useful time for me to pray for people, because I’m stuck in one spot for an extended amount of time. With no opportunity to nod off as I pray.

When You’re Stuck in Traffic

I pray in the car A LOT. Mostly because I have anxiety and I’m praying that we get to wherever we’re headed safely. But, also in those times when we’re stuck behind a train or foolishly have left the house at rush hour. These are great opportunities to pray about things. It really beats getting mad and complaining about the wait. I use these times to pray about things I need. Maybe patience (though, I NEVER recommend praying for patience- especially while stuck in traffic). Sometimes I need calm or peace, to be reminded to be a better neighbor. That sort of thing.

I know it seems a little silly. Just a thing that I do- carving out these little moments. But, it has really helped my prayer life. So, instead of falling asleep mid prayer, or getting distracted by every day life. I always have these moments, even if it’s not a long time. Sometimes it’s just enough time to pray a prayer that my heart needs.

When do you find time to pray?

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