Books You Need for Your Homeschool Library

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I know, I know- I mention books a LOT. And Our Homeschool Library is slightly out of control. But, we’re readers and readers gotta read! I don’t want to push too many titles on you, but I wanted to share some books that both my son and I love, and that we use in our Homeschool studies.

Workman Publishing sent us these Everything You Need to Know books and these have been great references for our classroom. My little Science afficianado loves the Science Notebook one and we grabbed the American History one because we’re doing U.S. History for 3rd grade. They’re touted as books for middle schoolers, but they can be used for any grade. My elementary-schooler has flipped through and read them, and I love a good book to keep on hand for reference and quick facts!

Workman also sent us some of the books in the Irresponsible Science series. If your kids love Math and Science, these are a fun addition to your Homeschool library. Steven has enjoyed both The Book of Terrifyingly Awesome Technology and The Book of Perfectly Perilous Math on his own. They would be better for an older child, but he got a kick out of the hilarity- and I love when he chooses to pick up a book that’s educational. These books are targeted at 4th-8th grade. But, if you have an advanced reader they’re fine for younger grades as well!

Something you always need in your Homeschool Library is a good Children’s Atlas. We use ours a lot for reference when reading, so that I can easily show where we’re talking about. I’m a sucker for one with cute illustrations and this one is a nice one for younger kids. The pictures are bright and fun and it includes a good amount of info on each page.

Last but not least- one we added to our Homeschool Library this year. The Doodle Adventures books are amazing if your kiddos love Graphic Novels like mine does. My son has never been much into drawing and I wanted to add something fun to our Art time that would make him enjoy it a little more. This book combines that comic book style with hands on activities by letting your child draw in and add to the story. Steven loves getting to draw in the book and giggles along with the characters’ antics. There are more in the series, and I will definitely be purchasing more as we finish them!

I hope these fun books are a wonderful addition to your Homeschool Library. Leave me some suggestions of your favorites- because I’m always happy to grow ours even more!

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