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I haven’t done a book post in forever- but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading. I took a little break with the move, but I’m still on track to hit 100 books this year!!!

You know that spooky books are my favorite types of books to read, and now that spooky season is upon us, I’m going to be sharing lots of book round ups. This week I wanted to focus on Spooky Books for Fall- divided into categories so lots of different types of readers will be represented. Whether you like haunted house type stories like me or even if you need something tame because spooky books keep you up at night. I’ve got your bases covered!

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Spooky Books for Every Type of Reader

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The Turn of the Key and The Invited are both my type of ‘haunted house’ story. But they’re completely different from each other, so I decided to share them both. In The Turn of the Key– you’ve got a very atmospheric set up of a really modern house out in the middle of nowhere with a nanny keeping a set of kids all alone. You have that ‘bump in the night’ type build up and you don’t know what’s happening. Maybe it’s sinister? Maybe it’s not? This book kept me guessing and staying up into the wee hours of the night to finish. Just don’t read it when you’re home alone. Muahahahahaha!

Okay, I’m done….

But, if you like a creepy, spine-tingling book with an unusual setting, it’s a good read. We even read it as a Book Club pick earlier in the year (before we knew this year was going to be an actual nightmare).

The Invited is about a couple who, also live in the middle of nowhere, but are starting their lives over in a new place and re-doing an old, broken down house. But, this house has a story…and there’s definitely something weird going on. Eerie sounds, creepy items showing up on there doorstep, and an interesting backstory that will keep you reading and reading. Pick this one up if you like books with interesting characters and secrets to be unlocked.

If you’re more of a gothic novel reader- enjoying books set long ago in a completely different time. The Little Stranger is more your speed. This book is definitely a much slower pace, and it takes awhile to get around to the main story. But, it is definitely creepy and the spookiness builds. Bonus- they made it into a movie, though I haven’t seen it so I can’t really comment on it. But, I do enjoy reading a book and then watching how other people interpret it. So, if that’s your thing too- give this one a read.

If you’re into a more fast-paced story that has a higher energy, but still has some mystery, Lock Every Door is going to be the spooky book for you. I read it in one day- so I definitely like that kind of story from time to time. It also has an interesting setting- a beautiful old building in NYC with lots of rules and mysteries. This book really kept me guessing until the end, and it surprised me! If you like plot twists and fast-paced reads- give this one a go!

I touted this book on my InstaStories as “the weirdest freaking book I’ve ever read”. In case that’s not a good enough description for you- The Twisted Ones is definitely different. Imagine being locked in the woods, cleaning our a hoarders house all alone, but supernatural things keep happening. And happening. And happening. But, it goes deeper and deeper in detail, creating a completely different and unexpected world. While I indeed thought it really was strange, I devoured it, because I just.had.to.know. If you like folk horror and descriptions that will creep you out- this is a good pick for you!

Now maybe you can’t really handle horror novels and you need something equally as funny and a little campy so you’re not up all night- The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires is for you! It has funny characters, deals with friendship and feminism, and also has, ya know…vampires in it. Yes, it’s gory- but silly enough that you won’t be waking up screaming. More likely it will make you want to round up your besties and start your own book club. It will also have you feeling all the ‘Girl Power’ and will show you what just a “common housewife” can do! (Disclaimer- I am only halfway through this one, but I’ve loved every second of it so it had to be included.)

I hope this wide array of Spooky Books helps you to find your next creepy read for this Halloween season! And leave me all your spooky read recommendations in the comments (because I don’t only read horror in the Fall…).

Stay tuned because I’ll also be rounding up my favorite Spooky Classics, Thrillers, and maybe even a list of good YA horror.

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