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I’ve been having SO much fun sharing all these Spooky Books for October with you! And now it’s time for my next installment- what I like to call ‘Crazy Chick’ Lit. These are some of my *favorite* types of books- call it an unreliable narrator (thanks, Gone Girl…)or what have you, but these books where you just can’t quite tell who to trust, and whether or not the main character might be a little off her rocker- they hook me. (I’ve found these types of reads are also especially good on audio.)

Crazy Chick Lit Book List

Two Crazy Chicks?

Never Have I Ever has more than one person you’re not sure you can trust- making it doubly good! Who’s the villain? The mysterious stranger who comes to town and wrecks book club??? You have to read it to find out! I read this book in like 2 sittings, so I do have to say I enjoyed it…but honestly, I think I read all of these in a day or two. So, maybe I’m biased! I heard about this on on the What Should I Read Next Podcast– so maybe you can trust Anne Bogel a little more than me.

Multiple Wives?

The main character of The Wives, Thursday, is married to a man with 2 other wives. But is she really? Has she really been stuck in a marriage as a once a week partner…or what secrets are her husband hiding? I love the wild and crazy ride she goes on to find out the truth. Though I thought I had the ending pegged, it was still surprising. I can’t wait to see what Tarryn Fisher comes up with next!


Amber is bored with her life- so she goes looking for a rich man to fulfill her wants. What’s the best way to snag a Husband? Befriending his wife and stealing him away? Read The Last Mrs. Parrish to see how well that turns out. This was another one I listened to on audio and couldn’t put down. You just *have* to find out how she plans to snag a Husband from hew newly minted bestie. Talk about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes…

Matrimonial Murder?

My Lovely Wife is a twisty suspense that you just can’t believe that you’re still reading. But, here you are- still following this insane storyline about a Husband and Wife that decide to kill people to spice up their marriage. It gave me a little bit of Santa Clarita Diet vibes without the humor. It’s deliciously dark and disturbing….I’m not even sure I want to admit I liked it! And here I am….recommending it.

Crazy Mothers?

Munchausen by proxy is a mental disorder in which you make someone sick or make up that they’re sick to the people around you. In Darling Rose Gold, Rose Gold’s mother makes her believe she’s sick for her entire childhood. Everyone thinks her mother is a saint. But, eventually her mother gets caught and gets sent to prison. What will Rose Gold do when she gets out? While I wouldn’t say that any of the characters in this book are particularly likeable- you still won’t be able to put their story down.

Nosy Neighbors?

In Watching You, there are a LOT of different stories going on- so sometimes it’s difficult to keep up. But, just like in the story- as an outsider looking in, you’re invested in these characters’ stories. Who’s guilty of what they’re accused of? There are a lot of assumptions and misunderstandings, making nothing out as it seems.

Now there are lots more ‘Crazy Chick’ Lit reads I could choose from. But, these are a few newer ones that I think you should add to your TBR.

Now leave me a recommendation for my Spooky Reads list!

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