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I’ve mentioned on countless occasions how on some weekends, we like to take little ‘adventures’. This usually entails us picking a direction and driving that way for about an hour. Then we explore the surrounding area for the afternoon. We do this quite often. And we’ve discovered some gems this way. I thought I would start sharing our adventures with you, in a series I’d like to call:

‘Hometown Spotlight’

train stationOne of the first (and one of my favorite!) places we’ve discovered since moving to Columbus, is:

Franklin, IN.

Franklin mural

It’s a small-ish town where  mostly people who work in the surrounding cities live. But, it has a super adorable vibe and cute downtown. With some of my very favorite new stores to visit.

trainMy son also LOVES to visit Franklin because of this train. We can’t stop here without a visit to the train.

train museumHe also discovered this fun little ‘Train Museum’ where a really knowledgeable gentleman allowed him to ask a thousand questions and let him look at all of the train artifacts for as long as he wanted.

train exhibitsI think it’s only open on Sundays- but it’s located inside another one of our favorite stops: Hoosier Cupboard Candy Snacks and Ice Cream. We almost NEVER stop in Franklin without stopping here for some treats. My fellows are experts in their ice cream flavors, while I’m more partial to their wide array of chocolate truffles. YUM!
franklin ice cream
Down the street from the Candy Cupboard is a long strip of some of my favorite stores.

salvage sistersSalvage Sisters Antique Market has a huge selection of vintage pieces, antiques and restored items. It’s so fun to go and pick through all of the beauties they have to offer. We’ve gotten some unique items for our home here.

small town girl boutiqueThey also house an adorable boutique in the back- I want all of the items Small Town Girl Boutique has to offer!

farm girl mercantile

Farm Girl Mercantile is right down the street and has some farmhouse style decor, more vintage finds, and boutique style clothing as well. This street has SOOOO many vintage finds and unique items I could spend my whole day on it!

blackbird nestDown from there is Eclectic Jade– which is 2 stories of just amazing finds. (Again) vintage pieces, all kinds of decor and accessories. It’s so full they even have a cottage out behind the store with MORE stuff to shop. I wanted pretty much everything inside! Next to that Blackbird Nest houses some gorgeous refinished furniture pieces and my favorite smell good candles- 1803 Candles.

Once you finish that strip you’ve got to head to their square downtown.

I have so much fun shopping I always forget to snap photos. But, places you have to visit include:

And so many other cute boutiques and stores- I haven’t yet got to visit them all!


You can also stop and have lunch at a few local places. We had lunch last week at Benjamin’s Coffeehouse and our sandwiches were legit good! I was too full to try their coffee- but it all looked so good and the prices were really reasonable. Next door to that, there’s also Court Street Cafe and 1823 Bakehouse (which I just noticed is 100% gluten free- whoop whoop!).

ann's restaurant

I’ve also been wanting to try Ann’s Restaurant because: “Ann’s Restaurant is operated by employees of Tara Treatment Center. Proceeds from the restaurant (after expenses) are used to assist individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford the cost of receiving treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. Your patronage directly benefits Tara Treatment Center” – but it has been closed or closing every time I make it over that direction! Only more reason to go back!

shopsThere’s even more shops next to that, which I’ve yet to visit. SO MUCH STUFF!!!

They also have so many fun activities throughout the year, a theater that plays old movies and hosts events, and more. (One of my favorite bloggers/authors was in town this last week and I didn’t even know in time!)

We love to stop by Franklin about once a month for a visit- then we drive into the city part of Franklin and hit up their Marshall’s, Ross, and Meijer. Because even after all that I still wanna shop more…

Have you been to Franklin? What’s your favorite place? Are there any local places that you would like me to spotlight next?!




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