How to Wear Velvet this Holiday Season

Velvet Holiday

I'm going to be honest...I was not into the velvet craze when it rolled back around. I remember a velvet dress that I had as a child and it was hot, itched, and made me look like a stiff piece of Christmas decor. I've stayed away from it since. But, when I saw these pieces from Pink Blush come across my feed I thought, "Hmm...those are pretty cute, … [Read more...]

Easy Holiday Appetizers

holidayapps (1)

Let's face it- a large portion of our Holiday festivities are centered around the consumption of delicious food. But, I also start to get tired of cooking. Because, apparently my family still needs to eat regular meals. Every.Single.Night. So, I threw together some quick and easy recipes that you can bring to any Holiday party. They're delicious … [Read more...]

Jord Feature and Giveaway

Jord Giveaway

My Husband got a huge promotion last year. His hard work paid off, and he is killin' it at the office. We even moved because of his job last month- and I couldn't be more proud of him! Ever since he got the promotion, I have been looking for a nice watch for him. I told him all professionals need a power-watch. A piece that stands out and … [Read more...]

Christmas Bedroom on a Budget


I love decorating for the Holidays- it's one of my favorite things to do. But, for some reason, I have never really included my bedroom in the decorating. Crazy, right? However, spending money on Christmas decor when I'm already spending like crazy felt wrong to me somehow. That's why I decided to share with you how I decorated my bedroom for the … [Read more...]

What Mom Wants: A Gift Guide


Hubby's and kids think us Moms are hard to buy for- but the truth is, we're REALLY NOT! Other than a moment to ourselves, an endless hot cup of coffee, or maybe an on call maid, I've come up with a few great gift ideas for those who are still having a hard time buying for us.   First of all- things we'll actually use! I love jewelry … [Read more...]

A Helping Hand for the Holidays


I usually do a post like this every year when the Holidays approach. I love being able to find lots of information in one central place instead of having to do extensive searches. One of my favorite parts of the Holidays is the opportunity to give back. And as my little guy is growing, I want to teach him the importance of giving during this … [Read more...]

The Harried Holidays


This by far is my favorite, and busiest time of year. We are constantly packing up the car and traveling to parties. Sometimes 2 per day. Every weekend this month we haven't been home. We just got back last night from a weekend away. We're making cookies, decorating, cooking, deep cleaning, errand running, present wrapping, carol … [Read more...]

Boy Mom Gift Guide

ToddlerGift Guide

  Lincoln Logs/BabyLit/Dinosaurs/Peanuts/Hot Wheels/Don't Break the Ice/Dry Erase/Lego Duplo/Vtech I couldn't do a week of Gift Guides without sharing my Little Man's picks. I'm sharing with you his most beloved playthings, in hopes that it will help you find gifts for your little men (or ladies). 1.) Lincoln Logs have been around … [Read more...]

Hubby Gift Guide


    Bottles and Wood/Marked Moments/iSkelter/Williams-Sonoma/Knock Out Tees/Mission Belt/The Real Shaving Company/Hot Hands I find that I'm a pretty good gift buyer. I take people's tastes into consideration, get awesome gifts for my nephews, and thoughtful gifts for the women in my life. But, when it comes to my Hubby, I always fall … [Read more...]

My Holiday Wish List


  Litographs/Dusty Girls/Silhouette/Loved By Hannah and Eli/P3 Personalized Jewelry/Paige Tate/Marc Jacobs/Barn Owl Primitives Since this week I'm sharing Holiday Gift Guides, I couldn't go without sharing MY Wish List- the list of products that  I would absolutely not mind even a little bit if my family got them for me...are you reading … [Read more...]