I Decided to Live in the Moment

I Decided

This weekend was my son's 4th Birthday party. We had a fun Star Wars themed party with family and friends. Yummy snacks and cupcakes that I let my little guy help me decorate. They weren't the most beautiful, but he was so proud to share them, because he got to be a part of the creating of them. I had planned on taking loads of pictures of the … [Read more...]

My God is Bigger

My God is Bigger

I've been thinking a lot about my prayer life lately. I've been pondering the kinds of things I've been praying for. And in the middle of my prayer the other night, I realized something. My God is bigger than what I've been praying for. There's a particular thing I've been praying about a lot lately, and I have been praying for the easiest … [Read more...]

Today You Are 4

Sweet little boy, this morning you woke up and the first words you said were, "I be 4!" How has this day arrived already? Wasn't it just yesterday we were rushing to the hospital, where you made your debut via emergency c-section? You couldn't wait to meet us, I guess. And just like your personality, you wanted to meet us NOW! You are the … [Read more...]

Why Yes, I Do Only Have One Child


  It has come to my attention lately that people are becoming very judgmental about the size of other peoples' families. And not just "people"- Moms. Ladies,  Momming is hard enough without tossing judgement daggers at each others' throats. Whether I want a big family or a small one, let me resurrect one of my favorite childhood … [Read more...]

I Long for the Simple Life

simple life

As spring slowly approaches, I long for simplicity. In this technologically advanced world filled with everything I could ever imagine, I long for quiet. I daydream of days spent wrapped up in a warm blanket, reading a good book. No to do list. No logging into social media, having my phone attached to my hand. I sometimes wish I could pack … [Read more...]

10 Tips for a Happier Life

10 Tips For A

  I'd like to say I'm a pretty happy person. I'm comfortable with who I am, and am in a good place. 30 is approaching, and I've lived enough that I've learned some lessons.  I'd like to share some tips with you, to help you live a happier life. They may sound cliche- but I'm okay with that! 1: Start each day with a positive … [Read more...]

New Year, New You

My Must-Do's For

I forewarned you. You knew it was coming- So, here goes... My goals for this coming year: -To Get Healthier. No, not to lose tons of pounds that I will regain once I start eating carbs and sugar again. No crash diets, fads, or easy way outs. To actually feed my body. To eat better, to stay motivated to work out on a regular basis. … [Read more...]

This Year

Write Your Story

Here I am pondering this past year, feeling a slight awe in how quickly it has sped by. I'm finding it so very true what they say about time with small children. The days can seem so very long, but the years are achingly short. So much has happened this year... and as I sit here, sipping my tea, listening to my early jazz Pandora … [Read more...]

Giving Back this Season

happy holidays!

This busy time of year is so filled with activities, parties, and so many fun things to do with our families. But, in all of the hustle and bustle, hassles and stress, I like to remember what the season is all about. To remember to give back to those who may not enjoy this season as much. Today, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite ways … [Read more...]

Give Thanks


In the bible (KJV), the word thanks appears 73 times. The word Thanksgiving appears 28 times. I think, with those words appearing that much- there is a point to be made. Give thanks. Give thanks in ALL things. Give thanks in the good times. Give thanks in the bad. Give thanks in the happy, and in the sad. Give thanks when things are hard. Give … [Read more...]