Easy Weeknight Meal Plan

Some weeks I like to do a meal plan where there’s very little cooking, or the cooking can mostly be prepped or done ahead of time. Now that we’re getting back into the swing of homeschool and busy post-holiday life, I want dinner done without much stress. So here’s some easy dinners I like to keep in my back pocket.

  • Baked Potatoes– Yes, they take awhile to cook, but take little prep. I like to make a bar of toppings ahead of time. Maybe some bacon or left over grilled chicken (or hey you can buy the prepackaged or pre cooked kind- no judgement here!). I also like to do some sort of veggies or themed toppings- like mexican style. Then your normal cheese, sour cream, butter, etc. The great thing about baked potatoes is that everyone in your house can have them however they like, without too much hassle.
  • Crock Pot/Slow Cooker Meals– I really want to get back into the habit of breaking out my crock pot at least once a week. I love that I can toss my ingredients in there in the morning before school, then don’t really have to fuss with them again until dinner time. Some of my favorite crock pot meals include:
  • One Pan Baked Meals– Any meal that can all be thrown onto one pan and popped into the oven is a win in my book. My favorites, especially in the Fall:
  • Pasta– Always a hit. Any kind of pasta, any kind of pre-made sauce. It can be thrown together in minutes. It can be meaty or vegetarian and there are millions of different combinations. Though the ones that we eat now are gluten and dairy free, they’re still always a family favorite.

Most of these meals can be made with ingredients I already have on hand, will only take a few minutes, and will save my family money because I won’t feel the need to order out- which, let’s be honest, I totally could do every night. But, my wallet would not be amused. (Nor my waistline.)

What are your favorite, super quick and easy, stand by recipes?

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