Indiana Summer Road Trip: Where We’ve Been So Far – Mrs. Bishop

Before Summer started, I announced that we’d be road-tripping it all around our favorite Home state. And so far we’ve seen some great places!

I spent a lovely Girl’s Weekend in Brown County. We sampled wine, shopped til we dropped, and stuffed ourselves full of delicious food. We rented a lovely cottage and stayed up til the wee hours of the morning chatting. Brown County was the perfect locale to spend the weekend together and I can’t wait to take another trip back! Annual Girl’s Trip, ladies?

We spent a jam-packed weekend in Fort Wayne where we got to experience all that this exciting city has to offer. I got to see my best friend for the first time in 2 YEARS and we got to do so much that it took us a week to recover! {Stay tuned for a post featuring our favorite things to do in Fort Wayne for homeschool families!}

We spent a couple of hours on a surprise trip to Madison and ate dinner on the river. We spent a weekend in the tiny town of Poseyville with my brother’s family. We’ve driven past all the caves in Marengo. Had the best Italian food of my life in Greenfield. Got creeped out by the strange looking turbines on the wind farms. And visited countless antiques stores. {Peep my Insta-stories to keep up with our travels!}

We’ve seen so much of our state! But, best of all there’s still SO much left to see! Stay tuned as we still have a couple of trips to take this Summer, I’m just finalizing dates as we speak. I think we’re just going to continue the fun through the rest of the year, and keep on road-tripping. My birthday is next week and WHO KNOW where we’ll end up!

Please leave me a comment below and let me know where you’d like our family to visit next. Are there any places we need to visit in our awesome state? Any restaurants we just HAVE to try? I wanna know all of them!

I’m also compiling a list of my favorite Tenderloin sandwiches I’ve tried- because Indiana. And my goal is to visit every single bookstore I can find!

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