June Book Review- Longing For Paris – Mrs. Bishop

This month’s Book Review pick was: Longing For Paris: One Woman’s Search for Joy, Beauty, and Adventure- Right Where She Is by Sarah Mae

I had the privilege of being chosen to be on the Launch Team for this book, and let me tell you- what a blessing! A group of like-minded women get together, and we can accomplish anything.

We’re working hard to get the word out on this book. Planning launch parties, calling book stores, sharing reviews with our readers, telling all of our friends.

And the best part?

We REALLY love it! The book is AMAZING!

Every. Single. Word.

It speaks deep down to the innermost parts of my soul.

Sarah Mae gives us permission to pursue our longings, reach for our desires, and to really live life. She let’s us know that God gave us these very desires for a reason. “God cares about our dreams, because he cares about us.”

And she teaches us that the answer to these longings have been right in front of us all along. We just need to wait for their time to come. “The other trouble we run into with our dreams is when we take our very good dreams and try to walk them out before their time, which can bring frustration and/or neglect to our families or where God has us.”

I have been there. I have desired something SO much that I’ve forgotten to live in the moment and enjoy this precious and wonderful gift called life that I’ve been blessed with. To take a look around and see the beauty around me right where I am. I needed this reminder to do more than just survive- to thrive.

I won’t take these words for granted, I will plant them in my heart and encourage them to grow. I will remind myself to savor my food. I will really intently listen to my family when we’re together. I will push away distractions. I will know that someday my dreams will come to fruition and my desires will be fulfilled, I need only to enjoy this moment…because it will be over much too quickly.

Sarah Mae gives me the longing to visit Paris, but reminds me to love the place where I am.

I encourage everyone to read this book. Especially Mom’s. When she says, “After having children, and coming out of the fog of sleepless nights and hormones, I realized that I was me- and yet I was different; I had to figure out who I was after having children. I needed to discover myself again.” I was like “THAT’S ME!” We like to say it doesn’t change us, but it does. And I’m thankful that someone else said it out loud for me to hear!

This is my new mantra- “I can choose to find the beauty and the joy and the adventure, right where I am.”

Please share this book with the women in your lives. One of them may really need to hear it.

The book is available for pre-order right now. And will be released on August 4th. It would make an excellent book club read, or a bible study small group pick. Don’t miss out on this one.


Find out more at the Longing For Paris site!


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