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January was actually an excellent reading month. Something about the fireplace and cold weather really ups my reading game. And I made my goal 100 books this year, so I really tried to intentionally find reading time. I made it through 10 books last month, and I really enjoyed all of them! Which is a definite win in my book. But, I thought as part of my January Book Wrap Up, that I’d share some mini reviews about each one that I read with you. Please let me know in the comments if you’ve read them, what you’re reading, and any reviews you have. I LOVE talking books!

January Book Wrap Up

Dutton was kind enough to send me a copy of When You See Me by Lisa Gardner as an ARC. As part of our reading challenge this year, I really wanted to make sure I got a good thriller in- and this one delivered! It may be a little much for sensitive readers, but I really got into the story. As a lover of shows like SVU and Criminal Minds, it gave me that same type of feeling I get when watching them. It was my first book by Lisa Gardner, and definitely won’t be my last!

Meg and Jo book

Meg and Jo by Virginia Kantra was our January Book Club pick. As a lover of Little Women, I was really worried going in….fearing she may destroy my favorite set of sisters. But, I didn’t need to be. Meg was beautifully written as a struggling new mom with too much on her plate. And Jo, as always, the struggling writer trying to make her stamp on the world. I didn’t love how the father of the girls was portrayed, but other than that I really enjoyed the story and her fresh take on a classic. I’ll be looking forward to reading the next book that will be out soon!

The Starless Sea book

I have been looking forward to reading The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern ever since it was announced! The Night Circus is still one of my all time favorite books, and I couldn’t wait for her newest release. It is a just wonderfully descriptive ode to books and book lovers. At times it can be a little too much, and I found it was easier to enjoy it in small sips rather than a binge read. But, I still really enjoyed the story- even though I found it sometimes confusing. I’ll still read everything she ever writes, because her style of writing is unlike anything I’ve ever read.

Steven and I read The Cricket in Times Square as part of his Homeschool Curriculum and we both really enjoyed it! He loves animals as the main characters (who doesn’t?) and now he wants to read more in the series. I remember reading it was a child, and it’s still just as good today.

book stack and fireplace

I tend to gravitate toward any book that has something about a bookstore in the title. The Printed Letter Bookshop was no exception. It was a quick, fun read with quirky characters that you couldn’t help but love, even despite their flaws. It was sometimes annoying- only in the sense that you want to grab a character and shake them. But, it let me vicariously live out my dream of owning a bookstore.

Once Upon a River Book

I don’t usually reach for fantasy novels. It’s not in my wheelhouse, but I’m trying to step out of my reading comfort zone. Someone recommended Once Upon a River to me and I am SO glad I picked it up. The story just sucks you right in to a time and place that you don’t want to step away from until you solve its mystery. I’ll have to check out some more Diane Setterfield books in the near future…

Truth Plus Love I started forever ago after I received it in exchange for a review. Honestly, it got lost in my book stacks. Then I picked it up and devoured the 2nd half. It’s a great read if you are an influencer of any sort and you want to share a message that shares Jesus’ love without beating people over the head with it. I really enjoyed it.

I grabbed Good Riddance at the library on a whim, because I thought the cover was cute…honestly, I do that pretty often. Hi, I am Stephanie- judger of book covers. Is there a support group for this? The story dragged a little, but it did make me laugh out loud a few times. And it was an easy, quick read that I read through rather quickly. It’s probably just a 3*** in my opinion. But, I didn’t hate it.

You may laugh at me, but Captain Nobody was one of my favorite reads so far this year! It’s another one I read aloud with my 2nd grader. And we found ourselves laughing so many times. A few times it also brought tears to my eyes. It deals with some tough themes for a young kid, but also sparked really good conversations. A great read aloud if you have probably like 2nd-5th graders!

It may be jumping the gun choosing my fave read of 2020 already- but The Giver of Stars is definitely going to be a contender! It was a beautiful story of friendship, strength, books, and love. Did I mention I love a book about books?! It was different than any other Jojo Moyes book I’ve read- but not in a bad way. I loved her writing in this one, and hope she makes 100 more like it!

So there’s my January Book Wrap Up! Now let’s see if I can get at least 10 more this month…I better go get some reading done.

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What books did you love last month? What are you reading now?

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