My Sin – Mrs. Bishop

This Sunday  morning my pastor preached on a subject that really resonates with me. A sin that I struggle with more than any other. One that keeps me up at night. Has me chewing my nails, getting angry at my husband, and is consistently making me no fun to be around.


I never thought of Worry as a sin before. I am a natural worrier, I’m always worrying about the “what if’s” and “could be’s”.  I thought it was something everyone does. Isn’t it? Aren’t we forever worrying about finances, family members, jobs, our kids, our health?

Then he said something that really spoke to me…

“There’s a big difference between worry and concern.”

We can be concerned about our finances. But, we can pray about them, save a little better, and not lot it ruin our marriage.

We can be concerned about our health. But, we can pray about it- we don’t have to let it make us lose sleep.

We can be concerned about our children, but we can raise them right, and give them over to God. Pray over them and teach them right from wrong.

One of my favorite verses is this- Matthew 6:27: “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”

The next time I feel the mountain of worry start to overshadow me, I’m going to repeat that verse over and over.

There is no point, no reason to worry. It will NEVER help my situation. It will only ruin my day. Put me in a bad mood, and steal my joy.

No one ever got anywhere by worrying.

If you suffer from this affliction as well, remind yourself. Over and over if you have to. Write it down, hang it somewhere you can see it. Make it your anthem. And repeat after me: “I CAN NOT ADD A SINGLE HOUR TO MY LIFE BY WORRYING.” I’ll do it with you- because I need the reminder more than anyone.

Are you a natural worrier? What are some ways you curb your worries? Special verses you read or prayers you pray?





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