Reflecting on This Past Year

Here I am pondering this past year, feeling a slight awe in how quickly it has sped by. I’m finding it so very true what they say about time with small children. The days can seem so very long, but the years are achingly short.

So much has happened this year… and as I sit here, sipping my tea, listening to my early jazz Pandora station…

(side note: I’m reading a book about Zelda Fitzgerald and every time I read about that era, I find I must immerse myself in the music. There’s something about it that I fall in love with over and over again…)

But I digress…

This year, it’s been a good one. As most know, we had a hard few years with a sick little boy, but we had a healthy year with only good reports. The threenager in him has been hard to handle at times, but as he is now almost 4, I am finding that this is such a fun age. One of discovery. He is developing his own personality, and already has a voice that demands to be heard. He is stubborn and hard headed like his Momma, a perfectionist like his Daddy, and a control-freak like the both of us. He shares our best and worst traits and mannerisms, but he is one amazing little guy. With his confidence and boldness, he may be our next president in the next 30 or so years…so keep your eye out.

I’ve really focused more on my blogging this year, and I’ve been loving it. Sharing Mom encouragement, my favorite well-loved recipes, some crafts and working on countless DIY projects. I’ve worked with some amazing companies and have some fun ones lined up for this coming year. This writing has been a stress busting outlet. Even if I’m the only one that ever reads it, I will always love it.

On that note- if you feel the need to write. DO IT!  Even if you touch only one person, that is enough. Share your stories. Your thoughts. Your heartaches and triumphs. You will feel so much better for it. Believe me- this year is proof of it.

Write Your Story{Print this out- post it somewhere where you can see it. Remind yourself how awesome you are and go kick some butt! }

I’ve drawn closer to my husband this year, in a way that only parents of a small child can. He’s gotten to know the post- baby stage me, I’ve grown comfortable and confident in myself, and we still love each other. I call that a big win- because we all know that having children changes us. But, it doesn’t have to suffer our marriage. It can strengthen it. It’s not always easy, but it’s so worth it.

I have lots of goals for the coming year, and will share them with you soon. I hate to write one of those “New Year, New You” posts, but y’all KNOW it’s coming. You’ve been warned.

I mostly want to share this to remind myself what an amazing year 2015 has been and if this next year is even half as great, I will continue to be thankful. With all of the craziness happening in the world around us- we are truly blessed.

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