Family Sun Protection – Mrs. Bishop


*Disclaimer- *I received a sample of the mineral liplux in exchange for a review- all opinions are my own*

Now that it’s getting warmer every day (in theory) and we’ll be spending lots of time outdoors, we need to remember to protect our little’s (and OUR) skin. I like finding multi-use products that we can all use, so that we don’t have to buy separate sunscreens for all of us.

Here are my picks that are sensitive skin friendly, and perfect for the whole family.

Vanicream– I’ve reviewed these products before, and I’m still a huge fan. One of the only traditional types of sunblock that is gentle on my sensitive skin, and still tame enough to use on my toddler. No smell at all, and it really coats your skin. And it has always kept me from burning.

Coola– I love Mineral Based Sunscreens, because they’re so gentle on sensitive skin, but still work great. Coola has a huge selection to choose from for the whole family. I use this one on my son and I both, but they also have a 50 spf for babies.  And they just came out with one of my new favorite products, these amazing Mineral Liplux lip protectants. They come in beautiful colors and nourish and protect your lips from the sun.


Babyganics– Another mineral based sunscreen that’s made for kids, but strong enough for adults. I’m a huge fan of Babyganics, because all of their products work great and are natural and safe for the whole family.

These are my top 3 picks- what is your favorite sunscreen that you use on you and your kiddos?


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