We’re Selling our House

Another little life update on what’s happening in our neck of the woods…

We decided to take a chance and put our house on the market. With Hubby’s promotion, he’s working more and he is already based about 45 minutes away from us. He’s spending a lot more time 2 hours north of us as well, so we thought moving a little closer would be in our best interest.

We bought our current house when I was 9 months pregnant with our son- and loved that fact that it had a small yard. Less for us to maintain. It’s in town, which was also convenient when making late night formula and diaper runs. But, now that we have a VERY active little boy, we’d love to have a little more space for him to run. And a little more area for this Momma to plant flowers and maybe some tomatoes. An oasis where I can sit with a good book and not hear cars driving by every 3 seconds.

We may or may not end up selling. We haven’t fell totally in love with another house yet either. But, life’s an adventure- why not take the chance!?

After being sick last month and with every thing we’ve been through over the last few years, we’re reminded life is short. So, we want to live the best life that we can!

So say a little prayer for us, as I try to keep our house clean enough to show at a moments notice…with a little fournado following behind me. Pray with us that we find a home that we love- one where we can raise our little man. Maybe even one to grow old in.

I’ll to try remember and share our best home-selling tips and updates every now and again. And look forward to more fun home decor posts once I have a new place to decorate!

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