Mom Guilt and Feeling Like You’re Not Enough- Mrs. Bishop

Last week I landed myself in the ER with some gastrointestinal issues in an ongoing battle that I have been fighting. Then, about the time I started to recover from that, I got struck with some serious strep throat.

This Momma was knocked on her behind.

My house became a disaster. My son watched a whole lot of Thomas the Train. I literally COULD NOT get out of bed for a few days.

I beat myself up for not getting any work done- this is the first time I’ve even opened up my blog page in weeks. I’m sure I lost a lot of page views and social media followers.

I didn’t even read any of my books! (If you know how much I love reading, you would be shocked at this news!)

All I could do was barely stay awake to take care of my little guy, while binge watching shows from my self-quarantined sick bed.

The mom guilt started to eat me alive.

The stress from selling our house, trying to stay on top of work, being a good mom, and my body failing me- I was a mess.

But, then yesterday I realized something (which sounds a lot like a post that I published last year). Sometimes I actually am preaching to myself…

You have to take care of yourself. You have to rest. You have to listen to your body. YOU HAVE TO! 

Your kids will be okay if you feed them microwaved meals and let them catch up on their Elmo. If they have to entertain themselves, or don’t get enough educational activity for a few days…

My little man discovered a love for drawing- a skill his father and I both are not blessed with. He has been drawing me amazing pictures- a moose who ate a sock and 2 bouncy balls. A train track complete with signage. A dancing robot. He saw that his drawings were cheering Mommy up, and discovered a whole new hobby for himself.

He’s been helping make his own breakfast and lunch. Making up his own games- he built himself  ‘skee-ball’ in the living room. He has been blowing my mind- just by me stepping back.

My Husband has been awesome and taken over meals and bedtime.

I literally DID NOT get out of bed for a whole day.

And through all of this I’ve discovered the importance of taking care of myself. Of asking for help. Getting rest.

So, Moms. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY! You can not do this all on your own. Sometimes it takes a village to raise a child, or get the laundry done. Or you know, a drive thru to make your dinner.

I just hate the fact that there are Moms out there beating themselves up for ‘not being enough’.

It’s crazy. Don’t do it.

You are always enough.

And you need to take care of you.

Say goodbye to that Mom Guilt.

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