Sensitive Skin Friendly Green Beauty Hair Care Favorites- Mrs. Bishop

*Disclaimer-I received the Seaweed Bath Co products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own*

As a former hairstylist- trying out hair products is kinda my favorite thing in the world. I try out so many products, that I sometimes forget to share with you what I’m currently using. As a beauty blogger, I remember the makeup- but I’m usually trying out just as many hair products…if not more.

My Summer hair routine has been fairly simple, but there are a few products that I reach for on the daily. Here’s my current favorites- some have even become my holy grail.

The Seaweed Bath Co. Unscented Moisturizing Argan Shampoo and Conditioner: I mentioned these hair products in my latest Favorites Video, but these products are life. I have looked FOREVER for a gentle, unscented shampoo that won’t destroy my hands, but will still actually moisturize my hair and not make it feel like straw. THIS IS IT. My search is over. I’ll be buying both of these again and again, and again.

Pacifica Native Flower Nourishing Hair Oil: When I first bought this hair oil, I didn’t love it. But, I think I was using it wrong. Now, I use it EVERY time I shampoo my hair. Before I towel dry my hair, I rub this through the ends. I let my hair air dry, and this keeps it from getting frizzy from all of this humidity. Thanks Indiana weather.

Pearlessence Sea Spray Sea Salt Hair Mist: I think I mentioned this in one of my favorites videos before as well. It’s a great spray if you want a little texture, or those second day messy waves. I can look like I’ve been to the beach, even though I’m frustratingly landlocked. It also smells amazing!

Giovanni LA Hold Hair Spritz: I’ve never been huge on hairspray, at least when fixing my own hair, but I do always have some on hand in case I’m in need of some decent hold. Most hairsprays wreak havoc on my sensitive skin, and bother my sensitive eyes. I like this Giovanni one because it’s not aerosol, and it’s maximum hold without being overly sticky. I can spray it on my curls and brush them out, and they’re not crunchy- so I’m thoroughly satisfied. If you have super sensitive skin like me, do what I did, and pick up a trial size of this baby and give it a try.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Leave in Conditioner: You know I love the Alba Hawaiian Shampoos and Conditioners if you’ve been watching my channel. And I ALWAYS have at least one leave in conditioner in my arsenal. This one is great because it’s light, but still hydrates my hair. But, it doesn’t give me greasy roots and oily hair. I use this on days when I’m going to let my hair air dry, but it’s going to be up, and on days before blow drying. You can’t go wrong with this affordable option.

Let me know what hair products you have been loving lately, and if you want me to make a video going over some of my favorite hair care, or my routine- let me know in the comments!

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