Industrial Farmhouse Powder Room Renovation- Mrs.Bishop

It seems like every year my Hubby and I undergo some sort of home renovation project right before the Holidays.

Gluttons for punishment?

I think we just really enjoy sprucing up the house for Christmas- but it can cause a few problems. This year we completely renovated our downstairs powder room- and are currently working on finishing up painting the living room and kitchen. There’s stuff everywhere, but I love a good project!

The Guest Bath definitely needed a pick me up. It had a sorta smell. And the tiles were so dank and dark. It needed some brightening. And of course I totally forgot to take before pictures. So, just imagine smelly and dirty. But, seriously.

I am really happy with how it turned out though, so without further adieu-

bathroom7This is the view from the living room. I really wanted it to just look clean and bright because we can literally stare right into it from the couch. We painted the walls the color Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams. I feel like it is just the perfect farmhouse-style light gray. The lights in the bathroom are a little warm, so they don’t do the color justice. But, it feels so much more fresh and clean now!

bathroomSince it is a small space, we wanted to keep the decor minimal. We also replaced the toilet. And let me tell you- when you move into a house that has had several other occupants, changing out the toilet is a nice gift to give yourself, if you know what I mean. This one that we picked up fairly inexpensively at Lowes fits the space a lot better, and is slightly taller than the previous one.

bathroom2We got this industrial style shelf at Hobby Lobby (1/2 off!) and just stuck some extra paper rolls (can you really have too many?) on it. I also grabbed this cute copper candleholder at Wal Mart for under $3 and the small Indiana sign at TJ Maxx- which is always my go-to for more unique decor.

bathroom9To the left of the toilet, I hung this Indiana sign I picked up at an antique store in our old hometown. I love anything Indiana- state pride- but love the rustic wood look it has too. I couldn’t find a great spot for it in the new house- and it ended up filling up this little spot nicely.


To save ourselves a few bucks… I mean Christmas is a comin’- we kept the same vanity and just painted it a matte black. The old sink however, was hideous. So we decided to be a little fancier than we normally are, and purchased a marble one. And it is gorgeous! It truly shows that some places you have to spend a little more to make a big impact. So we saved by keeping the vanity- but splurged for this top. I also splurged a little on the faucet, but I fell in love with it, and was able to grab it on sale, which never happens!


The mirror I grabbed at my favorite local antique store, Happy Nest- where we have purchased pretty much all of our furniture for our new house. We also put up a new towel rack, and got a cute soap pump at TJ Maxx (again, see?!).

bathroom3The light above the sink, (which is one of my favorite accents, but nearly impossible to photograph) has Edison bulbs in it. It also matches our chandelier and living room light. I like to put in cohesive details like that to help the house flow.

bathroom8We also tried to freshen up the smaller details. Like adding new trim, freshening up the cabinet paint, and a not so small detail…re-tiling the whole darn thing!

bathroom5My awesome Hubby did all the renovation work. He ripped up the old tile, and with maybe a few muttered curses, laid the new tile on his own. My only job? Picking the new tile. I really love this faux wood look. And the vintage gray color hooked me.

I’m really happy with how the renovation turned out. A couple of weeks work, a little elbow grease, and  5201 trips to Lowe’s really paid off. Goodbye bad smell. Hello fresh and clean, Industrial Farmhouse powder room!

Watch out Joanna Gaines! Not really, but I’m really proud of how we did!

I wish I could’ve gotten better pictures- mine just don’t do it justice. But, photographing such a small space came with its challenges.

We’re really enjoying making this house a home. Stay tuned for more renos and refreshes after the Holidays!








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