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*Disclosure- I received a credit to Tommy John in exchange for a mention in a post. My Husband LOVES his new shirts, and I only share my honest opinions.*

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I get off lightly at Christmas, because we don’t really buy each other gifts- but I have the HARDEST to buy for Husband on the planet. He NEVER gives me any ideas as to what he might like as a gift. While I’m basically pointing out everything I want and dropping hints like it’s my job.

I’ve given up on trying to find the perfect, personal gift- and now I stick with the practical. My Hubby hates to spend money splurging on every day items. But, as his wife, it’s my job to kinda keep him clean and clothed…I guess.

I thought that by sharing some of my Hubby’s current favorite skincare and clothing items, it might give you some practical gift ideas for the man in your life.


Skincare items always make a great, practical gift. Especially more specialty ones- like scrubs, wipes, serums, etc. I’ve been buying my Hubby this Everyone Soap because it’s multi-purpose and triples as body wash, shampoo, and shave gel. He can just keep this in the shower and he’s all set. I love the Cedar-Citrus scent for him, and have been using the unscented one for myself as a bubble bath and body wash.


Acure’s Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub (which now has re-branded packaging) is a house favorite around here. My Husband loves to use it whenever he showers, because he likes a nice exfoliating cleanse. And I borrow {steal}  it once or twice a week as part of my skincare routine. It never hurts to buy him a gift that you can enjoy as well- am I right?


Have a partner who loves craft beer? Then, why not have it in your skincare ritual as well? This Mug & Mane Lotion from Broo has been my Hubby’s grooming product of choice ALL YEAR. Again, it’s multipurpose and can be both a face moisturizer as well as a light hold hair styling product- can you even get more practical than that?! I even like the corresponding shampoos! They’re always releasing new products to their line-up, and are sold at Wal Mart (which makes them so easy to come by!).

40PackFaceWipesThis product may be for the slightly more extra, practical gift receiver, but my Hubby loves them! He keeps these Ursa Major Face Wipes in his desk for when his skin is feeling extra greasy or dry from hanging around the office all day. They’re unisex too, so you can grab a few for yourself as well. That’s a win-win!

And if skincare is not his forte- men ALWAYS need clothes! Have you seen that Seinfeld skit where he says men literally wear underwear until it turns to dust and it can float away off the windowsill? I find that to be totally true.



That’s why I got my Husband a couple of these Cool Cotton Crew Neck Stay Tucked Undershirts from Tommy John. He wears an under shirt every single day to work, so I am constantly washing them. You can NEVER have too many! And these are some super high-end ones. He loves the fact that they stay tucked (which is perfect on days when he has to wear suits and really dress up) and the material is super light weight. He may get a few more of these for his birthday as well. They also make great underwear (if your Hubby is like the men in the aforementioned skit- mine is!)

Some other decent ideas include funny dress socks, snarky coffee mugs, or passes to the golf course. I can’t think of much more than that. Good thing my Hubbs is better at buying gifts than me!

I hope these gave you some useful gift ideas- whether it be for Valentine’s Day or any other Holiday, really. If all else fails make him some coupons like I did a few years ago

What are you getting your Husband?

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