Powder Room Renovation

Industrial Farmhouse Powder Room Reno

It seems like every year my Hubby and I undergo some sort of home reno project right before the Holidays. Gluttons for punishment? I think we just really enjoy sprucing up the house for Christmas- but it can cause a few problems. This year we completely renovated our downstairs powder room- and are currently working on finishing up painting … [Read more...]

Walkway Refresh


Earlier this year, my hubby and my father-in-law took my front entrance from sad stepping stones, to pretty, functional walkway. I totally forgot to share the pictures and the process with you, so I'd love to share them now. But...guess who forgot to take before pics? I'm going to blame the hubbs for that one, but I've got the during pics to … [Read more...]

Chevron Burlap Spring Wreath


  It's FINALLY warming up out here in good ol' Indiana. So, I was super inspired to make a Spring Wreath for my front door to welcome it back! I love that it was a quick and easy project. I will probably be making these for every season and holiday now-now that I know how easy they are to put together. Step 1: Gather your … [Read more...]

Cluster Table Makeover


      I have been looking for a new table for-ev-er. I have hated the dining table we've had for years. It was hubby's first table after moving out on his own, and I had no say in it whatsoever. But, tables are expensive. Dining sets ever more so. I have been trying to find one to DIY and make my own for years. But, had … [Read more...]

Deep Cleaning: High Chair and Washing Machine


Since it's been "snowpocalypse" outside, I've been getting stir crazy inside. I'm caught up on laundry and the house is pretty clean overall. So, I thought I'd get a jump on my spring cleaning a little early this year. One of my least favorite tasks is deep cleaning my sons highchair. It gets really yucky down in the crevices and the straps get … [Read more...]

Finally- A Hutch Re-do


I'm sorry, I have been a TERRIBLE blogger, and haven't blogged for WEEKS!!! I have been super busy and enjoying this outdoor weather, and just couldn't find the time to sit at my computer, and load all of my pics. Since it's been storming today, and I've finished my cleaning, I decided to share one of my recent posts. My sis in law (who is very … [Read more...]

Living Room Update


So, here's what I've been up to in regards to the living room..... Put a bunch of these on the bottoms of our new furniture- we did just refinish those hardwood floors!   Went to town last night and bought a new bookshelf...I've been wanting one for ages.   Made a mess in the living room! (notice the new curtains, which I … [Read more...]

Coming Along!


Here's an update on the living room- we got our couch last night and I already love the way it looks. The trim is painted and ready to be put up, and we changed out all the old light sockets and light switches. All we need now is to find a rug and new curtains! We should get our tax check sometime next week, so then we're also getting a new t.v.! … [Read more...]

Here it Comes!!!


The first of many posts about my living room! We started a couple of months ago by ripping up our carpets. We found some pretty awesome hardwood underneath, but the previous owners had gotten paint all over it. Since it was before the holidays, we had to live with it like that until we could afford to refinish them. So they started out like … [Read more...]