10 Years

10 Years

To Mikey on our celebration of 10 years, We have an epic love- an everlasting one. The kind they've written about since the beginning of time, and will continue to pen long after we've turned to dust. Love songs can't touch what we have. Not even close. In all the heartbreak and uncertainty we've been through, my love for you has only … [Read more...]

The Importance of Dating Your Spouse


This past weekend, my Husband and I had a date night. As parents of a small child, date nights are few and far between. But, now that he's getting a little older, we are beginning to see how important it is for us, as a couple, to have time alone with each other. Even if it's for only a few hours. We sat down across the table from each other, at … [Read more...]

Holiday Date Night


I know this time of year we're focusing all of our time on gift buying, wrapping, cookie baking, party attending, crafting, decorating, go-go-going, that we totally neglect our marriage. I want to put a stop to that! We still need to make our marriage a priority, which will in turn keep us in much better moods this Holiday Season. Which is why my … [Read more...]

Flirt With Your Husband


I know I mostly share Mom tips with you- but today I want to share some tips on making your marriage better. I celebrated my anniversary this week, and it got me to thinking maybe I should share some advice. I know it's been said plenty of times. Over and over again. But, even I have to remind myself... The importance of flirting with your … [Read more...]

Love Letter


  To Mikey on our 8th year, Thank you for believing me, trusting me, allowing me to actively pursue my dreams. You encourage and never hold me back. You put up with my crazy, my mean, my worry, and chocolate cravings. You are always wearing a smile- even though I don a semi-permanent frown. You love unconditionally, … [Read more...]

I {DID} Marry My Best Friend


I've seen a lot of articles being passed around lately entitled "I Didn't Marry My Best Friend," or something similar. In short, they are talking about the importance of friends, which I think is absolutely true. But, here's where they don't apply to me. Because I DID, in fact, marry mine. My now husband and I were friends long before we began … [Read more...]