Fellow Moms

Finding Fellow Moms

The other night I went to meet with some fellow Homeschooling Mommas in our community. As we were all getting settled, and introducing ourselves, I came to a funny realization. Whenever Moms meet each other for the first time, the second question we ask each other is, "How many kids do you have?" Every single time. Name, then how many kids do you … [Read more...]

What Mom Wants: A Gift Guide


Hubby's and kids think us Moms are hard to buy for- but the truth is, we're REALLY NOT! Other than a moment to ourselves, an endless hot cup of coffee, or maybe an on call maid, I've come up with a few great gift ideas for those who are still having a hard time buying for us.   First of all- things we'll actually use! I love jewelry … [Read more...]

The 5 Kids You’ll Meet in Childcare


If you ever volunteer to watch kids: Church Nursery, Mom's Group, what have you- you will meet these kids every.single.time. I have spent years and years working with small children, first babysitting as a teen to working with children as an adult, and I have consistently come face to face with these 5 offenders. 1.) The Cougher- As soon as … [Read more...]

Last a Little Longer


I used to dread the afternoon naps when my son would only fall asleep in my arms. His weight slowly numbing my extremities. Unable to move, I was reserved to the couch for over an hour, every single day. I could see the dishes piled high over the edges of the sink. Smell the garbage that needed emptied. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as my … [Read more...]

Summer to Fall Fashion


Let's be honest. I love shopping and I love clothes. But, as a stay-at-home Mom my clothing budget is not huge. I buy almost everything on sale, and I'm totally okay with that because I get a little thrill out of a good deal. As a one income family, I like to be able to stretch my budget any way I can. So, today I am going to share with you a few … [Read more...]

Dear Mom at the Park


Dear Mom at the park, Yeah, you- on your cell phone, or your nose in a book. I used to judge you. I used to sneer at you and applaud myself for being more present with my child. I couldn't comprehend the fact that you weren't down in the sand digging with your toddler or helping them up the stairs to the slide. Pushing them on the swings for … [Read more...]

How Getting Sick Turned Me Into Less of a Control Freak Mom

How Getting Sick Turned Me Into Less of a Control Freak Mom

This summer did not go at all as I expected. I had high hopes for creative playdates, park trips, and weekly pool visits. But my body had other plans. I spent the majority of our summer curled up in bed. Sick and tired. Unable to motivate myself to venture out for days at a time. At the time I didn't know my gallbladder was giving up on … [Read more...]

Sorry I’m Not Sorry About my Love for Coffee

#SorryNotSorryAbout my Love for Coffee

I saw this post on Scary Mommy the other day entitled Why Do Moms Always Talk About Coffee and Wine? It gave me a giggle, because it's so true! Here's why I'll never be sorry for declaring my love of all things coffee: When my son was a colicky newborn who didn't sleep through the night (heck- he didn't sleep for longer than 2 hour intervals), … [Read more...]

Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt

I've been feeling pretty good lately about my Mom Skills. Despite me recovering from surgery and being pretty laid up, my little guy has still been behaving pretty well, helping me a lot around the house, and still enjoying his 'school time.' Before getting sick, I had been taking him on lots of outings and park trips, and we'd been having a lot of … [Read more...]

Feeding Picky Eaters


I have a Picky Eater. I started out with a great eater, who turned into an okay eater, and now he's a chicken nugget, mac and cheese, peanut-butter jelly sandwich exclusive eater. This has made me gain several new gray hairs and wrinkles, stressing every day over whether or not he's getting the vitamins and nutrients he needs. This Momma has tried … [Read more...]